'Gilmore Girls': 3 Times Emily Gilmore Proved She Knew Lorelai Gilmore Better Than Anyone

Emily Gilmore and Lorelai Gilmore’s distant mother-daughter relationship was supposed to be the perfect contrast to Lorelai and Rory Gilmore’s much warmer dynamic. Emily often noted that she had no idea what Lorelai was thinking most of the time. Still, there were moments when the famed Gilmore Girls character made it clear that she knew Lorelai better than anyone else. 

Emily Gilmore’s dream wedding for Lorelai took into account her interests 

Emily Gilmore once admitted that she had picked out a theme for Lorelai’s hypothetical wedding. She revealed that she had chosen a Russian winter theme for the event. Emily had every detail of the theoretical event planned, down to the snow-white roses and the sleigh that would bring Lorelai to the event.  

Lorelai hated the wedding idea and she certainly never asked Emily to plan an event for her. Still, it is clear that Emily considered her interests when mentally putting it all together. Lorelai had a deep connection to the Winter season and snow. She loved horses and sleighs. She even had horsedrawn sleighs at an event at the Independence Inn. While some fans argue that the reception would have been too stuffy for Lorelai, it’s obvious that Emily zeroed in on Lorelai’s interests. 

The house Emily and Richard selected for Lorelai was perfectly suited to her 

Emily and Richard Gilmore decided to gift Loralei and Luke a new home when the pair got engaged. It would have been easy for Emily and Richard to pick a house close to them in Hartford that was ostentatious or one that had an elaborate history. Their own home was glamorous. Instead, the pair paid close attention to the type of architecture and the area that Lorelai liked. 

Several episodes later, Emily questioned Luke about their relationship, too. While Luke told Emily that he and Lorelai were just friends, Emily knew better. She hinted at the potential of a romantic relationship a few more times before they finally hooked up at the end of season 4. Emily didn’t exactly approve of the pairing. Still, she knew it would eventually happen. You could argue that she knew Lorelai better than Lorelai knew herself in that respect. 

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