Geoff takes sickening action against Yasmeen in Corrie abuse story

Coronation Street fans have been left disgusted by the way that gaslighting abuser Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Batholomew) has been treating his partner Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) – and tonight, he took things to the next level as he secretly watched her via a secret camera after walking out on her.

After he set up a mugging and a rpbbery to make Yasmeen feel unsafe and chip away at her confidence, tonight he set up a series of cameras for her safety. Yasmeen didn’t want this level of intrusion in her house and told Geoff she wasn’t comfortable with them.

Throwing one of his petulant strops, he dismantled them all and accused a stunned and disbelieving Yasmeen of being ungrateful. Packing his things he said she had made it clear she didn’t want him around and he moved in with his son Tim (Joe Duttine).

His manipulative behaviour had made Yasmeen feel like the one who was being unreasonable and was to blame for the split but Geoff knows exactly what he is doing. As he told Tim how controlling Yasmeen can be, Tim just told his dad that they needed some time apart.

Putting on the act of the hard done by other half, Geoff thanked him but as soon as Tim was out of the house, Geoff opened up his laptop and was watched Yasmeen through a secret camera he had left running in her front room.

As he mirthlessly criticised Yasmeen while watching her, the creepy and sinister villain has left viewers horrified by the lengths he will go to in order to have full control over Yasmeen. And he was satisfied to see her checking her phone and looking sad.

But what will he do next? And will Yasmeen find herself drawn back to the toxic relationship?

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