GB News: Kirsty Gallacher rages at owners who leave dogs in cars ‘Don’t do it!’

GB News: Kirsty Gallacher says ‘look after your animals’

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Kirsty Gallacher and Darren McCaffrey discussed the ongoing heatwave GB News viewers are experiencing as the Met Office issued the first UK extreme heat warning. Great British Breakfast presenter Kirsty scolded pet owners who leave their dogs in cars and urged viewers to “look after your animals”.

She began: “Can I just say and we will be talking about this more on Breakfast tomorrow is, look after your animals in this heat.

“Do not leave your dog or pets in cars, I know you might think a little bit of a window.

“Also, there’s a lot of dog-napping going on,” the Great British Breakfast host continued. 

“I have to say that because I get very wound up if I see a dog left in a car or on a walk panting.”

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“I see a lot of people walking dogs with big furry coats on and their panting because they’re trying to keep cool.” 

“If you’re hot, imagine how they are feeling,” Darren added.

“And I’m not sure taking a dog for a walk at three o’clock in the afternoon when it’s 30 degrees celsius is very wise.”

“They’re hardy but take some water with you and a bowl,” Kirsty remarked. 

“Anyway please look after your animals and certainly don’t leave them in any vehicle in this heat.”

More to follow…

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