Game of Thrones Creator and Sean Bean Make Surprise Appearance in Hilarious Tonight Show Parody

The Game of Thrones premiere is coming — and Jimmy Fallon is among the millions of viewers worldwide who can’t wait for it.

Days ahead of the return of the eighth and final season of the HBO fantasy drama, The Tonight Show had some fun making a parody of the series and was joined by some very special (and familiar) guests.

On Tuesday night’s episode of the late night NBC show, host Fallon was joined by Game of Thrones creator George R. R. Martin and star Sean Bean for a hilarious table discussion about when the long-awaited series will return.

“I have summoned this meeting of the regular size counsel to answer one question and one question only … How long must we f—ing wait for Game of Thrones?!” says Fallon, 44, dressed in Thrones-inspired garb.

When questioned about GoT, Fallon says, “Game of Thrones is no mere TV show, Lord BlackThought. It’s a way of life.”

He continues, “Winter has come and gone, and then winter has come and gone again. And now ’tis spring and one thing is clear: shorts weather is coming.”

“So I shall ask one more time: When will Game of Thrones return?!” he says in exasperation.

The group then continues airing their frustrations about the long wait for the show’s return while also contemplating the idea that if it doesn’t return, it will never come to an end.

“All great shows must come to an end,” says Fallon. “A great show does not overstay its welcome. Game of Thrones must end. But in order for it to end, it must f—ing begin! When will it —.”

But before he can finish his question, in walks Bean (Eddard ‘Ned’ Stark), who powerfully exclaims, “Silence.”

“Patience my lord,” says Bean, 59. “Your temper will not hasten the end you seek. The premiere is coming. But until then, we mustn’t lose our heads.”

But Fallon is still “no closer to the answer,” and when he yells once again for when the show will return, Martin, 70, delivers.

“April 14,” says Martin. “Final season premieres April 14. But, have no fear, after the show ends, there will still be books.”

Asks Fallon: “Mysterious stranger, how do we know that you speak the truth?”

“Trust me, I know a guy,” says Martin.

“The premiere is coming,” says Fallon.

Come Sunday, winter will come for the very last time when GoT‘s final season premieres.

As previously announced, the final season will air 432 minutes of footage.

The first episode will have a running time of 54 minutes — and then it only gets longer from there. The following episodes will air over the course of the next five Sundays, with each one increasing in running time.

By the May 19 series finale, fans will settle in for an hour and 20 minutes-long farewell.

The Tonight Show airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on NBC.

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