Food Unwrapped reveals true reason wine bottles have dent in the bottom – and you'll never look at one the same way

FOOD Unwrapped has revealed the reason wine bottles have dents in the bottom – and it's nothing to do with the quality of the booze.

The latest episode of the Channel 4 show saw chef Matt Tebbutt, 48, head to the cargo port at London Gateway, in Essex.

He spotted a vessel with around 20,000 containers on board before honing in on the wine that had been shipped in.

It was on his Food Unwrapped visit to the largest wine distribution centre in Europe, housed in Bristol, where the bottle issue came to light.

Asking about the variety and sizes of the bottles, general manager Richard Lloyd told Matt: "Over time brands have become associated with shape.

"This is actually the oldest shape and it does nothing for the wine.


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"The Burgundy winemaker wanted to make his bottle look different to the Bordeaux."

Saturday Kitchen host Matt continued: "The shape of the bottle, the dent in the middle there, gives no indication of the quality of wine?"

Richard laughed as he dispelled the well-trodden myth, and said: "I think we should educate you, this is a punt it's not a dent.

"But you're absolutely right [the punt and shape] has nothing to do with the wine at all.

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"It's all to do with the heritage of the wine and having an appeal to the end consumer."

Matt, pressing the issue, then said: "I was told a long time ago it was so you can stick your thumb in it and pour it, is that not the case?"

Again on a myth-busting mission, the wine boss replied: "It's to help the strength of the bottle actually."

Previously, Stéphane Sanchez, Sommelier and Waitrose Wine Specialist, concurred and told Good Housekeeping the punts "were put in the bottom of bottles to help them stand up straight and prevent them from breaking."

The Sun recently reported how white wine is the nation's favourite bottle of choice.

Just last month, we revealed a hack to show people have been drinking wine all wrong.

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Meanwhile, Food Unwrapped sees Matt, along with fellow hosts Jimmy Doherty, Kate Quilton and Dr Helen Lawal reveal the surprises behind food.

The team will be asking what will happen to the food on shelves, in fridges and on people's plates.

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