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PETER Barlow recently learned he was off the hook for Stephen Reid's death but he can't escape his own guilty conscience.

The Coronation Street cabbie finds an unlikely friend and potential trouble for his marriage. But what else can viewers expect?

1. Downward spiral for fan favourite

Stephen Reid's reign of terror came to a brutal end as Super Soap Week drew to a close on Friday, October 13, 2023.

With three murders under his belt and a string of other crimes making up his infamous legacy, the serial killer played by Todd Boyce was mowed down by Peter Barlow, just as he was threatening Jenny Connor.

Regular ITV viewers witnessed Peter being arrested for Stephen's death before he was accused of murder, thus risking a hefty prison sentence.

However, in more recent scenes of the Manchester-based drama, Peter Barlow was given the all-clear as the police took his wish to protect Jenny Connor from a grisly death into account.

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But despite escaping legal trouble, Peter's guilt is gnawing at him as he's well aware of what he has done – and soap star Chris Gascoyne has revealed it will all tie in with his upcoming exit.

The departing legend spoke about Peter's state of mind, hinting that he'll be more likely to turn to his old demons, as shown on our screens when he lit up a cigarette upon leaving the police station.

"Yes without giving too much away this will affect his future", Chris said.

"He has been arrested on suspicion of murder, he is struggling with his demons. He has always had lots of enemies but at the end of the day he is his own worst enemy, he is the one that has suffered at his own hands the most emotionally and we can see this starting to happen again."

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"He is facing prison, the drink is on his mind again, Audrey wants him to pay for what he has done. It is a turbulent time ahead."

Peter's vices, and most notably his alcoholism, were once life-threatening and led him straight to hospital as he underwent a liver transplant.

Could he relapse?

2. Unlikely friendship

Luckily for Peter, he won't have to go through tough times alone.

As mentioned above, Peter was seen lighting up a cigarette on his way out of the police station – but his ex-fiancée Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) quickly intercepted him and encouraged him to put it out.

The pair then bonded briefly again as Toyah was able to relate with Peter's guilt due to her own experience with her late husband Imran Habeeb.

This week, Peter takes matters into his own hands and reveals he is off to an alcoholics' meeting as he remains aware his old demons could catch up with him.

Toyah offers to go with him once again, leaving Peter grateful he doesn't have to face his downward spiral alone.

But with their unlikely friendship clearly growing, some viewers are suspecting the pair could either embark on an affair or get into trouble with Peter's wife Carla Connor (Alison King).

The Weatherfield businesswoman left for Spain in the wake of Stephen Reid's death to try and save the Underworld factory.

In doing so, Carla left Peter alone to deal with the fallout from the serial killer's death and the authorities.

How will she feel about Toyah and Peter getting closer during her absence once she comes back?

3. Baby bombshell

Meanwhile, Aadi Alahan has been at odds with his father Dev (portrayed by Jimmi Harkishin) ever since his relationship with Courtney Vance (Stephanie Davis) became public knowledge.

The Weatherfield businessman even tried to bribe Courtney into leaving his seventeen-year-old son, worried their romance would bring trouble to him and their family.

Regular viewers of the Manchester-based program will remember that, prior to moving in and getting serious with Aadi, Courtney was used to a luxurious lifestyle with her husband Darren.

Unfortunately for her, Aadi is still a teenager trying to find his way in life and is thus unable to provide for her the same way Darren used to.

The youngster is trying to get down to business, determined to make Courtney happy.

After his encounter with Dev, Aadi reveals he’s been offered a job shelf stacking at Freshco and by way of celebration, he’s invited his twin sister Asha (Tanisha Gorey) and her girlfriend Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher) over for afternoon tea.

Courtney feigns enthusiasm as it becomes clear her and Aadi have different interests.

Later on, with Courtney a no show and Asha running late, Aadi and Nina tuck in.

But they’re taken aback by the arrival of Darren (Ryan Early) who has news from Courtney – what will he tell them?

Viewers have been suspecting that Courtney could be pregnant with Aadi's baby.

What if the long-running program took it a step further by not only making her pregnant but also unable to confirm who the father of the unborn child is?


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4. Hidden motives revealed

Another theory about Courtney and her husband Darren emerged online as many fans believe the pair are in cahoots to scam Aadi and, most probably, his father Dev.

Spoilers for this week have sent cogs whirring as soap fans speculate that Courtney has ulterior motives for being with Aadi.

"Courtney is conning you Aadi wake up!", one viewer wrote as another echoed: "Aadi needs to wake up Courtney is a freeloader."

"Is anyone else thinking this whole Courtney and Darren thing is a scam? Like they aren't actually getting divorced? I don't know something feels fishy", a third viewer agreed.

What are Courtney and Darren hiding?

5. Huge return amid love betrayal

Elsewhere in the cobbles, Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) is becoming suspicious of Daisy Midgeley and Ryan Connor.

The former Rovers barmaid (Charlotte Jordan) has secretly been harbouring romantic feelings for Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) and the pair recently rushed to bed together.

Coming up, Daisy lies to Daniel and tells him she’s spending the night at her mother's.

But when Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) questions her about her plans, Daisy crumbles and admits she’s spending the night with Ryan.

Daisy explains how she loves both Daniel and Ryan but in different ways and she doesn’t know what to do.

Jenny urges her to make up her mind before it’s too late.

Unfortunately for her, when Daniel clocks Ryan getting into Steve McDonald’s taxi and asking for the Chariot Square Hotel, secrets may burst into the light.

His suspicions continue to grow after a phone call to Daisy’s mum, which prompts Daniel to follow Ryan.

As Daisy and Ryan head to their room, she comes to a decision and tells Ryan that this isn’t going to work as it’s Daniel she loves.

Meanwhile, Daniel arrives at the hotel, determined to find out the truth, has her decision come too late?

Daisy and Ryan appear able to dodge his questions in later scenes as Daniel confides in his father Ken Barlow (William Roache) that he suspects something is going on between them.

Ken advises him to tread carefully as Daniel insists he needs proof.

The affair may not remain hidden for very long as Daniel corners Ryan and demands to know what’s going on.

While viewers will have to wait before finding out what Ryan will tell Daniel, Bethany Platt actress Lucy Fallon is gearing up for her on-screen return to Weatherfield, more than three years after her exit in January, 2020.

Bethany's return to the Street was teased by bosses and set in the aftermath of Stephen Reid's death as his family try to cope with their loss and the consequences of his crimes.

Speaking to, Lucy Fallon revealed who she would like to work with the most upon her return.

"I think I’d like to work with Daisy, Charlie, I’d like to work with her character."

"Just because I feel like they would probably clash quite a lot. I think it would be the rivals of the girlies."

As a result, viewers are speculating that Bethany could be returning just as Daniel figures out Daisy has been unfaithful.

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And to top it all off, they are also expecting her to resurface in the cobbles with Daniel's secret child.

Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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