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MAX Turner is slowly making his way back to the cobbles but the lad is at his lowest in the STC.

Meanwhile in Coronation Street, many secrets finally come to light and could lead to explosive consequences.

1. Dramatic fight behind bars

Regular viewers of the ITV drama will remember Max (portrayed by Paddy Bever) is serving a six-month sentence for his part in Griff Reynolds' far-right activities.

But while he remains in the STC, his former arch nemesis and teacher Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) keeps an eye on him.

This week, however, things are picking up a pace for the lad.

When an argument breaks out in the centre, Max steals the teacher's phone but as Daniel's lesson draws to a close, he slips the phone back on his desk.

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Later on at No.1, Daniel scrolls through his phone where he finds Max's video diary.

In the Rovers, Daniel finally takes time to watch Max's heart-rending video – but what will the youngster say in the clip?

While this remains to be seen, Daniel tells his father Ken (William Roache) and other half Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) about the video and how he intends to help Max.

Meanwhile, David Platt (Jack P. Shepherd) visits his son, hoping he can get the teen to finally open up to him in the same way he did in his video but Max gives nothing away.

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In the classroom, Daniel tries to have a quiet word with Max about his video but he refuses to discuss it.

To make matters worse, Max is cornered by one of the lads named Gav ahead of their lesson together.

Max is accused of being very pally with Daniel so, in a bid to earn Gav's approval and be left in peace, the youngster disrupts the class.

Fans of the Manchester-based program have speculated that Gav could go on to bully Max and pick a fight with the youngster.

This could mean an extended sentence for Max and another downward spiral which his father David and Daniel will have trouble getting him out of.

2. Resident stuck in love triangle

Unfortunately for her, Daisy Midgeley eventually gets thrown into the mix when Daniel snatches the phone she's been using to impersonate Crystal for Ryan Connor.

The Rovers barmaid portrayed by Charlotte Jordan has been very involved in Ryan's (Ryan Prescott) life as he recovers from his horrific acid attack.

But in trying to lift his spirits, she took it upon herself to contact him through a phone he believes belongs to Crystal who, in reality, wants nothing to do with him.

Ryan has been looking forward to move forward with his DJ career in Ibiza and Crystal was the one ready to give him a chance – until he was attacked by Justin Rutherford.

Corrie actors Charlotte Jordan and Ryan Prescott have since hinted that Daisy could develop more romantic feelings for her former flame Ryan.

And this will be despite her engagement with Daniel.

"It's going to be a really confusing time for Daisy", Charlotte told

"She's brushed her own recovery under the rug and is really focusing on Ryan."

"She feels responsible for him so her feelings are going to get really messy and she's going to get confused it's going to get quite chaotic. Then the story may morph into a 'can you love two people at once?' storyline."

Ryan Prescott, on the other hand, simply hinted a chaotic bond between Daisy, Ryan and Daniel.

"There's this thing that happens when you endure extreme trauma with someone, it kind of bonds you together", he said.

"So there is potential between Ryan and Daisy for sparks to happen and things to occur."

Could Daisy decide to leave Daniel for Ryan?

3. Carla exposes catfish secret

While Daisy's secret Crystal impersonation may be uncovered by Daniel this week after a phone mix-up with Max Turner, Corrie fans have theorised Carla Connor (Alison King) could expose her to Ryan.

Theories began circulating online after Carla caught Daisy watching a video Ryan sent to her from his hospital bed.

In previous scenes of the soap, Ryan told "Crystal" he was watching a show during his recovery before sending her a short clip of the program.

Daisy lacked caution by watching the video in front of Carla and the Underworld boss recognised the sound emanating from her spare phone.

Could Carla put two and two together this week after Daisy's phone mishap and be the one to tell Ryan the truth about Crystal?

4. Baby cover-up

Meanwhile, Sarah Platt (Tina O'Brien) has been desperately trying to keep her fling with Damon Hay (Ciarán Griffiths) a secret.

But secrets are always unravelled in the Street, sooner or later.

Coming up, Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) makes his way to the Bistro with Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown) in tow.

However, they're unable to go into the office as they find the door locked, which prompts them to reach out to Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson).

Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) soon arrives and both him and Leanne join the solicitors in the Bistro, wondering where Damon's got to.

Unbeknownst to them, Damon is on the other side of the door with Adam's wife Sarah Platt.

Fans have taken to social media to share their theories as soon as Sarah crawled into bed with Damon.

A shocking twist of fate may make her become pregnant with Damon's child – just as she and her husband Adam Barlow agreed to try out for a baby.

One can speculate that Sarah could find out she's pregnant soon after her affair with Damon comes to light this week.

Knowing a baby could keep her marriage afloat, Sarah may turn to Adam and break the news she's pregnant.

What could follow is Adam and Sarah agreeing to raise the baby together and paying off Damon to stay quiet.

But what if Sarah turns to Damon instead and lies to Adam about the baby being his?

5. Aaron makes a new enemy

Elsewhere in the cobbles, Aaron Sandford (James Craven) gets a visit from his father Eric who suggests they leave Weatherfield together.

Witnessing the conversation, Abi Webster (Sally Carman) is secretly happy to hear Aaron may leave the Street.

Recent scenes have shown the mechanic was the one and only resident ready to support Aaron through thick and thin as he faced a rape accusation from Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney).

However, Abi seemed to have caught on to the truth when Aaron gifted Amy with a new laptop.

Here's a quick reminder – Amy was trying to catch up with her university coursework with the help of her friend Summer Spellman when Aaron's arrival in the café spooked her.

Anxious in his presence, Amy accidentally spilled coffee all over her laptop, losing all of her work in mere seconds.

Tracy Barlow then found a brand new laptop left on their doorstep and Amy soon realised Aaron was trying to make amends with her.

The teen confronted Aaron, incensed that he may be trying to buy her friendship or silence after raping her – and Abi overheard the full conversation.

Following Aaron's heated discussion with Amy, Abi began to question him, asking him why he felt the need to replace Amy's laptop.

Aaron was defensive and his behaviour began to rattle Abi.

Could she turn him into the authorities after Amy's case was discarded for a lack of evidence?

Could Abi take things even further to bring Aaron to justice by teaming up with Tracy and Amy?

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Or could she simply decide to support Amy in her struggle to overcome her rape trauma?

Tune in to ITV on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm to find out.

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