First Dates waitress CiCi Coleman shows off incredible body transformation in hot pilates workout

FIRST Dates waitress CiCi Coleman slipped into her gym gear to show off her pilates class after her incredible body transformation.

The TV star, 33, is a trained Hot Pilates teacher and showed off her moves on Instagram tonight.

Cici looked amazing in a sports bra and red leggings in her apartment as she exercised for fans.

The sexy waitres caused a stir on Instagram back in May when she revealed her new toned up look as she posed in a bikini.

She posted two pictures side-by-side taken four months apart as she opened up about how she's changed how she looks – despite putting on weight.

Cici explained how doing Hot Pilates six days a week has not only helped with her mental health, but improved her look.

She said: "The one on the left I remember looking at and feeling good about the fact that I’d lost 2lbs.

"Now when I look at it, I remember what a bad headspace I was in and how stressed I was. I wasn’t eating enough and was just trying to get through the day without crying.

"I then had a word with myself, and started listening to lots of Oprah podcasts, I was meditating and got on top of my yoga practice."

Cici completed her teaching training in Inferno Hot Pilates and said she spent time "focusing on what I wanted around me and ‘who’ I wanted around me".

She added: "Then pow, that little s*** called Lockdown presented itself.
"It really poked at my mental state and seemed to test all the things I’d been working so hard on.

"Some days I wake up and wanna dance around my living room, other days I wanna faceplant the floor. Either way, it’s not a touch on how s****y I was feeling in the picture on the left."

After moaning to friends that she wasn't seeing changes in her body despite all her workouts, Cici took the before and after picture and was stunned by the results.

She added: "I didn’t realise how scary it was, but equally invigorating. The picture on the right I took this morning in which I’ve gained 3lbs in.

"This is the result of taking six Hot Pilates classes a week for the last six weeks, along with a diet full of lockdown snacking (That fridge gets opened probably every hour).

"After seeing the above results my new goal is to get on top of my eating also, and then who knows what can be achieved. Second goal is to stop being such a p**** about putting up a bikini pic.

"Today. Why not jump out of your comfort zone today. You never know until you try."

Oxford-born CiCi is a popular TV personality who is most well-known for being one of the waitresses on First Dates, which helps people find love.

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