Ferne McCann reveals her 'boobs have perked right back up' after 'hating them' following six months of breastfeeding

TV's Ferne McCann was told she could be a sex therapist, and revealed her boobs have perked up after becoming a mum.

The Towie favourite made a series of candid revelations while doing an online chat with psychosexual and relationship therapist Kate Moyle.

Ferne, aged 30, said of her daughter: "When I had Sunday my boobs changed drastically, I breast-fed for six-months.

"I fell out of love with them, I thought they were disgusting, I was so negative.

"I was considering having  a boob job, not necessarily for myself but I was thinking 'how can I be naked in front of anyone else?'"

Friends told me that I will find someone who loves my body and boobs the way they are. Luckily they've perked right back up – I don't know how."

Ferne, from Brentwood, Essex, had Sunday in 2017 with bad boy Arthur Collins.

He is serving 20 years in jail for injuring 14 people in an acid attack on a nightclub in 2017.

Ferne, who has starred on ITV's Loose Women, has recently found love again and revealed she  is dating male model Jack Padgett.

During the online session Kate Moyle told Ferne she was so good at talking about sex issues she could become a sex therapist herself.

Ferne described how in the past she had only found a connection with her partner by having sex.

She said: "It's that intimacy thing. In the past I have only found that connection by doing the deed, penetration. Now it can be cooking together, or kissing or a nice touch, a compliment."

Kate and Ferne, who has 2.6million Instagram followers, also discussed how lube can save marriages, sex fantasies, orgasms and sex toys.

Ferne, in a black turtleneck top, added: "My body has changed so much, I'm now 30, I've had a child, I've felt body confidence go.

"In the past I'd think, am I doing it right? Are they comparing  me to an ex?

"I get into a state. You evaluate it too much, rather than just doing it.

"I would be so embarrassed to say 'this is what I like' or 'what do you like?'"


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