Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer: What does the actor look like in the Netflix series?

EVAN Peters took the internet by storm after the first photos of him as serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer released online.

Peters transformed into the deranged killer while on the scene for Netflix's Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer: What does the actor look like in the Netflix series?

On Tuesday, June 8, Peters was photographed in Los Angeles as Dahmer while shooting for the upcoming Netflix series.

In the first image from the set, Peters wears blue jeans and a tucked-in button-down shirt, with eyeglasses, blond hair, and a face shield – amid coronavirus precautions.

In April, Peters explained to Variety how he had to pull back from digging too deep on the real-life story of Dahmer and instead commit to the scripts.

"I've read so much, I've watched so much, I've seen so much, and at a certain point, you've got to say, 'All right, that's enough,'" Peters told the outlet.

"There are beautifully written scripts. You can have all the backstory you want, but at the end of the day we're not making a documentary.

"It's more about maintaining the idea and the through-line of why you're telling the story and always having that as your guiding light.

"But, there's so much material for Dahmer that I think it's incredibly important to make it really authentic," Peters added.

"… You can play around with levels of naturalism and understatedness, versus the zany, over-the-top, 'this is very clearly a TV show meant for entertainment.'

"It's almost a scene by scene, episode by episode, moment by moment basis, deciding, 'Okay yeah he did that there in real life' or 'No he didn't do that there, but that's okay because it works for the story we're trying to tell.'"

Monster's cast also includes Niecy Nash, Penelope Ann Miller and Richard Jenkins, who plays Dahmer's dad.

Who was Jeffrey Dahmer?

Dahmer was a serial killer who raped, murdered and dismembered at least 17 men and boys in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, between 1978 and 1991.

At the time of his arrest – the extent of his crimes, which included cannibalism and necrophilia, shocked the nation.

Although he was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, schizotypal personality disorder, and a psychotic disorder – Dahmer was found mentally fit to stand trial.

He was charged with 17 murders, and in 1992, he was convicted of 16 of the murders and sentenced to 16 life terms in prison.

However, Dahmer's prison stint was short-lived – on November 28, 1994, he was beaten to death by a fellow inmate at Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin. He was 34.

What other serial killers has Evan Peters played?

Peters played Charles Manson in Ryan Murphy's 2017 American Horror Story: Cult.

In season 7 of AHS, the Manson family murders were recreated, with Peters portraying the infamous cult leader.

When is Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story release date?

There is no official release date for the upcoming Dahmer series.

However, the 10-part limited series is aiming for a Spring 2022 release date.

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