Endeavour’s DS Jakes return as fans fear Joan Thursday will die

Endeavour: DS Jakes returns ahead of final episode

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Endeavour (played by Shaun Evans) and Fred Thursday (Roger Allam) have returned to former boys’ home Blenheim Vale where another body has been found. Longtime fans of the ITV drama will remember the duo last visited the home in season two when they discovered the historic abuse that had gone on there. They also learned their colleague Det Sgt Peter Jakes (Jack Laskey) had been a boy there and had also suffered abuse. With the pair back at Blenheim Vale, it was only a matter of time before Jakes returned from America to help with the investigation.

Morse was certain there was more to learn about what went on at Blenheim Vale and instructed a search for more bodies be carried out.

His hunch was correct and another body was found, however, his decision to investigate Blenheim Vale has left Morse and those he loves in danger.

Driving to the pub to meet Joan Thursday (Sara Vickers) from the crime scene, Morse was baffled when he was pulled over.

However, he quickly realised he was being threatened because of his investigation and warned Thursday to take Detective Chief Superintendent Jim Strange (James Grout) off the case.

Thursday insisted Strange would be okay but Morse told him to put his future son-in-law on secondment to protect his family.

Later, Thursday received a call telling him to stop investigating Blenheim Vale.

He was told: “You won’t come out of it” and was described as a “dead man” for continuing.

Thursday appeared concerned by the threat and he’s not the only one as fans are concerned Joan will be targeted.

Taking to Twitter to comment on the latest episode, Roz Laws panicked: “Noooo. Worried about Thursday and Joan now. #endeavour.”

“Now he has to leave Joan be, or the bent coppers will be after her #Endeavour,” @TwoFloDears posted.

“Oh – Joan…. #endeavour,” Michelle Birkby added as Yvette Pusey simply asked: “Joan? #Endeavour.”

Meanwhile, others were simply thrilled to see Jakes back as @_Mellers shared: “Bloody hell, its all going on!?! Joanie having doubts, Blenheim Vale bodies, bent cops, Box on the run, Jakes back. There’s a shit load to wrap up next week…. #Endeavour.”

“JAKES IS BACK!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW IT OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!! #Endeavour,” Susie Skinner excitedly posted.

Debbie Blackman added: “Yes finally it’s Jakes yes #Endeavour.”

It seems fans may be right to be concerned as actor Roger Allam has teased Thursday, Morse and Strange will all be in danger.

He explained: “I wouldn’t say we have tied everything up in terms of crime in these last three stories.

“Thursday, Morse and others are in real danger in this series. There is a lot of tension.

“Is Joan’s wedding to Jim going to be disrupted? We’ve seen Joan under threat before when she worked in the bank and was one of the hostages in an episode.

“Threatening the thing that Fred holds most dear – his family. Which leads to conflict between Thursday and Endeavour in these final films.”

Fans of Inspector Morse know Strange remains in Morse’s life while Thursday is never again mentioned.

Could this be because Joan is killed and Fred can’t stand to be around Strange and Morse?

Endeavour ends on Sunday on ITV at 7pm.

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