Emmerdale viewers notice Moira’s sordid romps with Cain are in the same spot she had been snogging Nate – The Sun

EMMERDALE fans spotted Moira's naughty romps with Nate and Cain were in the same place and have urged bosses to end her fling with the farmhand.

Last night viewers watched as Moira [Natalie J Robb] got down and dirty with Nate while she waited in the barn for husband Cain.

The Dales badboy injured his hand at work and needed medical treatment, allowing Nate to pounce and try his luck.

Their snog was interrupted by a call from Cain, who eventually turned up and quizzed Moira about why she hadn't picked up.

She coolly put the emphasis back on Cain, demanding to know why he was late.

Jealous Nate watched on as Cain kissed Moira and tried persuading her to have a roll in the hay.

Many fans appear to be team Cain and have called Nate's behaviour "creepy".

One wrote: "Moira @emmerdale she likes the hay bales that one."

Another shared: "Nate watching Cain and Moira in the barn he’s creepy af ????#Emmerdale."

A third said: "Come on #Emmerdale. Do you really expect us to believe that Moira would be remotely interested in Nate when she has Cain? Seriously? This is the most unlikely pairing ever, and pretty stomach-churning to watch. The Dingles’ pigs have more chemistry! #knockitonthehead."

Another vented: "What a load of tosh Moira wouldn't look at Nate twice. She has Cain this storyline is rubbish. Unbelievable. Story writers you're dipping the very dregs of the barrel here."

As a fifth posted: "I love Moira, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t get why Nate is aggressively and relentlessly pursuing her…he definitely has an agenda. Reveal it soon please or I may puke."

The Sun Online exclusively revealed back in June that Moira and Nate – Jurrell Carter – would start a steamy fling behind Cain’s back.

A source told us: "Moira and hunky farmhand Nate give in to their feelings for each other and end up in bed together.

"It kicks off a steamy affair behind Cain and Amy's backs – it's going to be a huge test for Moira and Cain's relationship."

Moira and Cain’s marriage is notoriously rocky and neither of them are known for their fidelity.

The farmer has gone to great lengths to but the brakes on the affair, first sending Nate away on a job and then fleeing to stay with Nana Barton herself.

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