Emmerdale spoilers: Mandy Dingle mistakenly killed by Vinny as Paul issues warning to son

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andy Dingle (played by Lisa Riley) has reluctantly allowed Paul (Reece Dinsdale) back into her life for the sake of her son Vinny (Bradley Johnson) after he promised he had given up gambling. However, recent months have seen Vinny discover Paul was lying and so he decided to move out of Wishing Well Cottage until his father came clean. Paul has refused to tell Mandy the truth and when Vinny has threatened to revealed everything, the addict has attacked his son.

In tonight’s episode of Emmerdale, Mandy was looking forward to having her son at home for the festivities.

She began to worry when Paul and Vinny arrived late, unaware that the’d been involved in a tussle.

When Paul went to pick Vinny up, the youngster looked at his father’s phone to check if he’d been gambling.

Vinny confronted Paul when he discovered evidence he’d recently placed a number of bets and soon wished he hadn’t.

Paul lashed out at his son, throwing him over the sofa and kicking him repeatedly until he passed out.

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When Vinny regained consciousness, Paul promised he’d never hurt him again but the teen rushed off to Wishing Well Cottage determined to tell Mandy everything.

However, when they arrived, Paul knocked over a Christmas tree ornament which reminded Mandy of the baby she’d lost.

She poured her heart out to Vinny and Paul explaining why it was so important they were all together for Christmas.

Later, after Paul took Mandy to lie down, he threatened Vinny to keep quiet promising there would be consequences if he didn’t.

“Your mam will be down in a minute, she wants you to set up Kaplunk,” Paul told his son.

Vinny hit back: “You expect me to stay here and pretend everything’s alright?”

“Well, what else can we do?” asked Paul. “You saw how upset she was. She needs us to make it better.”

Vinny warned his dad: “Things can’t get better until you tell her the truth.”

“If she finds out what I have done, it will destroy her,” Paul snapped.

“I am done gambling, I am done hurting you. You might not believe it but I swear on your mam’s life.”

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Vinny replied: “You’ve said all of this before,” but his dad insisted: “I’m doing this for her, living in all that pain all these years, me not being there to help her.

“You know how much we mean to her, you can’t pull that apart. It’s your choice son, tell her and break her heart again, or put it behind us and concentrate on making her happy. I know which one I would prefer.

“So come on, are we playing this game with her or not?”

Could Paul’s promise he won’t attack Vinny again foreshadow events that are yet to come?

If Paul does lash out at his son again, Vinny may decide it’s time to take action and make sure his father can’t hurt him or Mandy anymore.

But in a case of mistaken identity, as Vinny puts his plan into action, he could end up killing his mother instead.

Will Vinny keep Paul’s secret or will he try to run his father out of the village to protect Mandy?

Emmerdale airs weekdays on ITV at 7pm.

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