Emmerdale spoilers: Lydia Dingle arrested for running a dodgy pension scam

LYDIA Dingle is arrested for running a dodgy pension scam next week in Emmerdale. 

The Dingles have been struggling financially after Lydia realised Paul Ashdale – who died recently in the soap’s wedding day explosion – had left enormous debts in her name.

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Next week, Mandy encourages Lydia to apply for a pupil liaison job at a local school after the success of her counselling session with Vinny.

Mandy and Sam coach her ahead of her interview and praise her counselling abilities. 

Lydia prepares for her video interview in the cafe, but she’s horrified when her computer is bombarded with dodgy pop-ups. 

The interview goes swimmingly but, after it ends, Lydia is stunned to see a police officer enter the cafe and arrest her on suspicion of running a scam pension scheme. 

When Nicola suggests Lydia may be guilty after all, the Dingles are furious. 

Later, the penny drops and Sam realises who is likely to be behind the crime.

Who is it?

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