Emmerdale spoilers: Diane Sugden leaves the village but Eric Pollard makes her a surprising offer

DIANE Sugden will wave goodbye to Emmerdale village next week after 22 years – as Eric Pollard makes her a surprising offer. 

Actress Elizabeth Estensen recently confirmed that she was retiring after more than two decades to enjoy life out of the limelight.

On the soap, Diane recently suggested leaving the village for a fresh start with Gabby and Bernice.

It came after Kim Tate plotted to get full custody of Gabby and her son Jamie's child following his disappearance.

Next week, Diane says her goodbyes to fellow B&B owner Eric Pollard, the widower of her late sister Val who died in 2015. 

Eric offers to buy her out of her share of the business, but what will she say?

Later, Diane shares her box of Woolpack memories with Chas and Bernice but finds herself agreeing to Chas’s offer of a goodbye party. 

Gabby prepares for her moonlit flit, but will Chas’s party jeopardise their escape plan?

Gabby invites herself to Laurel’s for a family dinner with the aim of saying her own private goodbyes, and is overwhelmed when she realises what she is about to leave behind.

Later, back at Home Farm, Gabby finally snaps at Kim and tells her she won’t be a part of her baby’s life.

She then starts secretly packing at Home Farm, but as she’s lugging her suitcase out of the house she’s horrified to feel pains in her stomach. 

Disaster strikes as she falls to the floor and starts going into labour.

She’s horrified to realise that her phone has no power and that it’s starting to get dark. 

Meanwhile, Diane shares a moment with Bernice as they prepare to collect Gabby and flee from the village.

Will they come to Gabby’s rescue?

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