Emmerdale spoilers: Belle Dingle drops a bombshell on Jamie as Andrea exposes the truth about Moira's hit and run

BELLE Dingle drops a bombshell on Jamie as Andrea exposes the truth about Moira’s hit and run in Emmerdale next week. 

Andrea has been using the accident to blackmail Jamie into staying with her for weeks in the ITV soap.

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And initially Andrea's grand plan worked as Jamie dumped Belle and promised not to leave her.

But the vet eventually followed his heart and explained to Belle that Andrea was blackmailing him – and that he’d run over Moira in a gruesome hit and run.

Belle was horrified at first by Jamie’s confession that he'd hospitalised her sister-in-law, but eventually decided to choose him over her family.

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Belle fret after turning her own family against her by dating a Tate.

Later, Andrea lets slip to Moira that Jamie is dangerous and a suspicious Moira presses Andrea for more, but she quickly backtracks. 

Meanwhile, Jamie agrees to let Andrea see Millie. 

Later, at the vets, Jamie brags about pulling the wool over Andrea’s eyes and winning her around. 

But his joy is short-lived as, having overheard everything, she rushes to find Moira to tell her that Jamie was behind the hit and run. 

Later, a distraught Moira confronts Belle, but she pretends that she hasn’t got a clue what Moira is talking about. 

Later, when Nate arrives at Butlers Farm, Moira tells him the news – and that an angry Cain is searching for Belle and Jamie. 

Meanwhile, Belle rushes to find Jamie to warn him that Andrea has spilled the bean about the hit and run. 

Jamie reassures a flabbergasted Belle that the car parts are at the bottom of a lake, and that no one will find them and pin the crime to him.

But as they head to the lake to double check the parts are safely hidden, Cain appears from nowhere armed with a bat. 

Have Jamie and Belle made a fatal error by leading Cain to the evidence?

Cain confronts the two, but Emmerdale have teased that Belle has something to say about the situation.

What bombshell is she about to drop?

And will Cain end up using the bat on Jamie?

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