Emmerdale sex scam horror as Sandra sleeps with Rishi and plots to steal money

Since she wormed her way back into her daughter Liv's life, Sandra has been causing nothing but trouble.

But it looks like her scheming ways are not about to seize any time soon, as she gets to know the Emmerdale residents next week.

During the week, Mandy has her eyes on Sandra, concerned that the money is missing from the tip jar and soon is voicing her concerns to an affronted Liv who is not aware of what's happened.

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Meanwhile, Sandra’s ears prick to hear Rishi has had an unexpected windfall that he didn't know about.

Later, sensing Mandy is probably onto her, Sandra makes a show of putting Rishi’s tip money in the jar.

However sensing that something isn't quite right, Mandy decides to secretly take out her CCTV camera kit, determined to get to the bottom of the missing tips.

Before long, Rishi’s amazed that his new dating profile gets a response from a very interested lady who is keen to get to know him.

Unaware it’s actually Sandra who has cooked up a profile and is over the road spinning a web to reel him in.

Rishi is gutted when the woman from his dating app cancels their date at the Woolpack. But having set him up nicely, dolled up Sandra swoops in and offers Rishi her company instead of his previously planned date.

Not long after, the two go back to his and he leads Sandra up to his bedroom.

The following morning, Rishi is worried how this will look and Sandra plays on his insecurities.

Cunning Sandra now has Richi where she wants him as he sheepishly offers Sandra an envelope of money to make up for his behaviour.

As Rishi drowns his sorrows over the unplanned situation, Sandra is shocked to come across the hidden camera in the salon and she knows Mandy is now on to her.

Will she tell the truth about the missing funds?

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV at 7.30pm

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