Emmerdale fans uncover Wendy’s plan to ‘have affair with long-running character’

Emmerdale viewers were convinced Wendy Posner and Bob Hope would soon start dating after tonight's episode.

While Wendy tried to clean away the word "rapist", written in spray paint over her house, Bob and Aaron Dingle walked by.

When Aaron started to poke fun at Wendy, Bob was quick to jump to her defence.

Later, he offered to dig up some special cleaning products to help get rid of the vandalism.

Over on Twitter, Emmerdale fans predicted that Wendy and Bob were about to start a steamy affair.

One said: "Bob the pathetic twat looking to get his leg over

A second added: "Bob's new girlfriend?"

While a third remarked: "Oh god Wendy and Bob are gonna end up getting together."

More to follow…

Emmerdale airs on weekdays at 7pm on ITV.

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