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AMELIA Spencer recently found out she was pregnant after an impromptu trip to hospital.

As the teen headed to the abortion clinic, Emmerdale viewers believe they know who the father is and when she could give birth.

The news came as a shock for Amelia Spencer and soap fans alike.

But after learning she's pregnant, the 15-year-old portrayed by Daisy Campbell has to make a decision for her future.

Meanwhile, off-screen, fans have been desperate to know who the father of her surprise baby is.

Samson and Noah Dingle's names were thrown in the mix as it's never been clear to viewers she ever slept with anybody.

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Recent scenes of the Yorkshire-based soap have since led fans to theorise another teen could be the father – Heathcliff Hope.

Viewers believed Cathy Hope's twin brother could have fathered Amelia's baby as the latter revealed the father was "a teenager like me" as she checked into the abortion clinic.

When the nurse reminded her she's under the legal age of consent, Amelia claimed she gave consent regardless.

Fans took to Facebook to share their thoughts on who the father of Amelia's baby could be.

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But for most, Noah and Samson are obvious choices, meaning that Heath's involvement could be a good twist to the storyline.

"I reckon Heath is the dad… he hasn’t had a good storyline", one of them wrote as another added: "I think it’s Heath, Bob’s son!"

"I think it might be Heath, he hasn’t had a storyline for a long time", a third fan echoed.

A fourth viewer chimed in: "Okay – Noah’s not ‘a teenager’ so that puts him out the picture slightly. Only possible people right now are Samson or Heath."

"I’m saying either Heath or Arthur is the dad [100%] and I'm leaning way more towards Heath", another penned.

"It’s too obvious to be Noah so I’m going completely out there and say Heath the dad", one fan concluded.

Heath has been portrayed by Sebastian Dowling since 2007.


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While he hasn't been seen on-screen recently, his sister has been getting closer to Amelia and it would make sense for them to grow closer in the process.

Fans believe they've also figured out when Amelia could give birth as it was revealed she was midway through her second trimester.

The nurse urged her to talk to someone about her decision before going through with the procedure as fans speculated even further about her due date.

Viewers began to question if there could be a Christmas baby storyline.

"So she will keep the baby and that’s the Christmas storyline", one fan wrote.

Another added: "We need a Christmas baby… But why Amelia?" and a third fan wrote: "My money's on her keeping the baby, we’ll have a Christmas birth."

If Amelia is going through her second trimester and was to go through a full-term pregnancy, this would mean she's around 21 or 22 weeks pregnant and could give birth at the end of November or beginning of December.

This would also mean she wouldn't give birth during Emmerdale's anniversary instalment in October, as initially expected by fans.

However, soap boss Jane Hudson did mention "there will be a new baby arriving in Emmerdale before the end of the year" – could it be Amelia's?

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It also suggests Amelia fell pregnant in March – when Noah used her to make Chloe Harris jealous and Samson expressed a romantic interest in her.

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV.

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