Emmerdale fans convinced Paul set up his own kidnapping

EMMERDALE fans are convinced Paul set up his own kidnapping after luring Mandy Dingle to witness it.

The gambling addict – who is played by actor Reece Dinsdale in the ITV soap – was dragged into a van tonight in suspicious circumstances.

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He owes a loan shark £4,000 – but could only come up with a quarter of his debt.

After a brutal beating and multiple threats, the loan shark came calling and made it clear he wanted his money.

However he wasn’t seen for the rest of the episode while Paul remained a free man.

Towards the end of it, Paul phoned Mandy panicked and told her to come quickly because he was in trouble.

By the time Mandy got to Paul she was just in time to see him be dragged into a van.

But as the van sped off – fans were suspicious.

They found the timing of everything to be too convenient to be a real kidnapping.

Instead they think Paul is working with the loan shark to force Mandy to get the money to pay off his debts for him – and they’re not happy about it. 

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One wrote: "I bet he set that up so mandy will get him the money ! Don’t trust him one bit!"

A second agreed: "Sorry but Paul has totally set that up. It was him who phoned Mandy from the van."

Another added: "Rather timely for the kidnappers to wait until Mandy appeared so she could see Paul bundled away eh?"

While fourth concluded: "Paul faked his own kidnapping so that Mandy would have to find the money!"

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