Emmerdale fans baffled as iconic songstress ‘Jess Glynne’ makes ITV soap debut

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    Emmerdale fans were left baffled by a new character this week, as they thought they saw Hold My Hand songstress Jess Glynne taking up residence in the village.

    On Thursday (November 17), Amelia found herself confronted by social services after they received a complaint from Samson about Esther's wellfare.

    As the social worker turned up at the village, she soon discovered that Noah – who is helping out with raising Esther – had been behind bars, and looked distinctly unimpressed.

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    But fans thought the social services inspector looked a lot like the iconic singer, and took to social media to share their thoughts.

    One penned: "Jess Glynne!" as someone else agreed: "Who the Jess Glynne was that? #Emmerdale."

    Another fan cheekily quipped: "Jess Glynne be like 'this is confidential' and then she’s SCREAMING the Dales down!"

    Others thought the social services worker was a new vicar at the church, as she sported a high-necked black jumper featuring a white collar – making her look like a reverend.

    One eagle-eyed fan wrote: "Thought she was from the church!" as someone else posted: "Is that social services woman wearing a vicar's collar?"

    Another quickly agreed: "Yeah I thought the bishop had turned up…"

    Later, Samson was revealed as the complainant – with the social worker accidentally spilling the news to Sam and Lydia, who branded him an "abomination".

    Samson called his own baby a "thing" and insisted Amelia should give Esther up for adoption, claiming they are both "too young" to become parents and saying he doesn't want Esther brought up as he was, poor.

    Sam ranted: "If she stays in the village with Amelia, I'll never be able to get away from her! She'd be better off with another family."

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    He then shoved his dad to the ground – who collapsed, grunting, after his brutal injury during the 50th anniversary storm week.

    Elsewhere, fans were simply baffled as the social worker went on to scream at Samson in the middle of the street, with one writing on social media: "The social worker takes Samson outside to talk privately, and then shouts at the top of her voice, so the whole village could hear."

    "The social worker told Sam and Lydia the conversation with Samson is 'meant to be confidential.'

    "Maybe she should have thought about that before she started shouting at him in public!" someone else agreed.


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