Emmerdale Faith dies, Corrie return, EastEnders wedding and 17 soap spoilers

Tissues at the ready, soap fans! It’s going to be an emotional and heartbreaking week.

Emmerdale is particularly must-see viewing next week, as beloved Faith Dingle spends the perfect day with her nearest and dearest before dying in devastating scenes.

We’re not ready.

Coronation Street, meanwhile, sees Leanne Battersby and Nick Tilsley rocked by the discovery that Harvey Gaskell, played by Strictly’s Will Mellor, has sent them visiting orders.

Over in EastEnders, Kat Slater is stunned when a young woman turns up in the Square to remind Alfie Moon that he’s due to get married!

But just what is going on?

And in yet another hard-hitting and unmissable week, Hollyoaks sees Maxine Minniver targeted on a night out, after a date with Eric Foster goes awry.

Metro.co.uk is once again your one-stop shop for all-things soap spoilers, and here’s everything you should look out for next week.

Coronation Street

Bridget and Eliza are enjoying brunch with Yasmeen and Stu. Eliza asks Stu about life in prison it becomes too much for Bridget, who runs out to the garden in tears. Stu follows her out, hoping to comfort her as he talks about how angry he was over being in jail for a crime he did not commit, but he receives a shock when Bridget makes a huge revelation.

Nick shows a shocked Leanne that they have both received prison visiting orders from Harvey Gaskell in the post. They agree not to respond, and Nick rips them up. Leanne, however, begins to waver, admitting to Nick that she won’t be able to rest until she finds out what Harvey wants.

Aggie is left feeling awkward when Sally admires her necklace, unaware Tim bought it for her. Seeing that Aggie is puzzled by his and Sally’s flirtatious behaviour, Tim sends her a text, but he soon comes to realise that he’s actually sent the message to Sally!


Alfie makes a grand gesture to win back Kat, but he soon has other things on his plate when a woman enters the pub to remind him that he’s getting married! Alfie explains to Kat the the young woman, Megan, is not his fiancé, and offers to bring Kat to meet his real fiancé.

Suki takes a business meeting with Harpeet, who asks about working with Ranveer, leaving her overwhelmed. Eve notices Suki’s distress and sneaks away to comfort her. Afterwards, Suki is empowered and charms Harpeet into doing business with her. Eve and Suki subsequently share a charged moment – and a kiss. Following scenes will see the pair give into temptation at home.

Vinny is shocked to be told that Nish will still be leaving prison today, and subsequent scene see Nish arrive in the Square, which sends him into a panic.


Faith plans a family day at the seaside, but when her health takes a turn, Cain devises a solution, bringing the seaside to her! Faith is thrilled, taking everything in, watching her family revel in the fun. Diane arrives out of the blue, much to Faith’s delight. Cain asks his mum to dance, and the two share a heartfelt moment. Faith is overjoyed with how her perfect day panned out, as she holds a snapshot of her family close to her heart.

Faith says veiled goodbyes to her loved ones, before heading to her bedroom where, alone, she intends to end her life. Cain, realising what Faith has done, tries to keep her comfortable as she drifts closer to death. He’s soon heartbroken to discover that his mum has died.

Al does his best to cheer Chas up as she worries about Faith, revealing that he’s bought them a house. Chas is unaware of the tragic events occurring at home, as she switches off her phone and misses calls from Paddy.


Eric struggles to keep his extreme views in check on a date with Maxine, who suggests that they remain friends – prompting him to bite back. Maxine is embarrassed after accusing Eric of leaving her a horrific note, and thus she drowns her sorrows, but on her way home she falls and drifts in and out of consciousness, catching the attention of a passer-by. She wakes up to find an awful slur written on her forehead in lipstick, and is left fearing the worst.

Mason jumps to Eric’s defence when Maxine makes an accusation, providing him with an alibi. Afterwards, he is glued to the Men’s online forum. Maxine playfully takes his phone, but a shocking outburst from Mason leads her to realise there is more to the teen’s mood than meets the eye. Mason subsequently makes a choice, one which leaves Eric seething.

Imran’s eating disorder results in him suffering a scalding injury – one which he decides to keep shtum about. He later bunks off work in favour of exercise at the gym, and subsequently embarks on a cooking challenge for a food critic with Tony, but his wound is infected, which leads to him collapsing.


Aaron receives news about his dad in Coronation Street (Picture: ITV)

  • Aaron’s dad is in a fire in Coronation Street
  • Denise is irked by Chelsea and Jack’s closeness in EastEnders
  • Tracy and Nate have sex in Emmerdale
  • Tony and Darren commemorate Luke in Hollyoaks
  • Maria is unsettled in Coronation Street
  • Denzel gets Amy a gift in EastEnders
  • Harriet and Will share a charged moment in Emmerdale
  • Olivia tries to make peace in Hollyoaks

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