Ed's addiction resurfaces in Corrie after he is knocked for six over death

Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges) gives into temptation in Coronation Street soon as he takes to betting on horses to distract his mind after the news of a horrific death.

Over the past few years, Ed’s gambling addiction has been under control, but he has found himself on the cusp of a relapse after seeing some betting ads on his computer, and being given a business card by Ronnie (Vinta Morgan).

The business card was a risky move for the siblings. Not only does it give Ed access to a lot of money, but he can use it without anyone knowing, increasing the chance of the gambling being kept secret for longer.

Coming up, while in the pub, Ed and his mates gather to watch the football match.

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They are joined by Neil, who works as a manager for the site the Bailey brothers are building houses on.

Neil suggests they have a flutter as the game continues and Ed is sorely tempted.

In the week, Ed finds Neil and apologises for snapping at him in the pub. He explains that he used to be addicted to gambling, and then carries on with his work on the building site.

Meanwhile, Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) gets Ronnie to sign some forms and points out that he’s taking as risk starting work on the site before completion of the purchases.

When Ronnie returns to the land, he spots Ed with the digger driver and a uniformed Craig (Colson Smith).

As he approaches, Ronnie peers into a hole in the ground, only to come across a dead body!

It becomes apparent that the body is that of Leo Thompkins, who was murdered by Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) last year.

As Craig and the team begin an investigation, Dee-Dee breaks the news to Ed and Ronnie that the investor has pulled out of the project.

Ronnie reckons they should cut their losses, but Ed’s adamant that it’s too late to pull out.

When he’s alone, Ed watches the horse racing with his adrenaline pumping.

As Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) faces the reality that Leo was murdered, will the Bailey family face their own drama if Ed throws so much money away?

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