EastEnders’ Kat Moon to discover truth about Hayley’s baby at Christmas

It wouldn’t be Christmas in Albert Square without a devastating bombshell.

And this year, it’ll be Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace) who will be facing a festive fiasco after she discovers the truth about her cousin Hayley Slater’s (Katie Jarvis) baby.

Walford stalwart Kat has only just reunited with husband Alfie (Shane Richie) after spending most of the year separated.

The couple are finally back together as a family with their children Tommy, Bert and Ernie and are looking forward to starting 2019 on a clean slate.

However, it looks like Alfie’s paternity of Hayley’s daughter Cherry will finally be revealed in dramatic fashion over the Christmas period.

An EastEnders spokesperson said: "Alfie is determined to give Kat the perfect Christmas. But his dreams come to a sudden halt when the truth about him and Hayley unravels in catastrophic style.

"As Kat’s world is shattered into pieces, chaos ensues with consequences no one can see coming."

However, given Kat’s own fidelity record, she can’t be too upset can she?

The couple were living in Spain and running a bar when they split at the beginning of the year.

Furious Alfie dumped Kat and took their children after one of their twins Ernie was burned by boiling water by his older brother Tommy when Kat was supposed to be looking after them.

At the time of the children’s accident, Kat was upstairs romping with a Russian barman called Dimitri, prompting Alfie to brand her a cheat and an unfit mother.

When Kat returned to Walford earlier this year, her cousin Hayley soon followed, despite their tricky relationship.

It soon transpired that Hayley had fled her mother Bev to live and work with the Moons in Spain and ended up having a one-night stand with Alfie.

Earlier this year, Alfie gave Hayley money to have an abortion, but she changed her mind, eventually giving birth to daughter Cherry alone on Halloween.

It didn’t take long for Alfie to realise Cherry was her daughter when he returned to Walford to win back Kat last month.

Over the years, the Moons have bounced back from many relationship crisis – but will having a baby with her own cousin be a step too far for Kat to forgive?

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