EastEnders fans ‘work out’ who Sharon marries at Christmas as it’s ‘not Keanu’

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    EastEnders fans believe they have worked out who Sharon marries at Christmas and it's not Keanu Taylor.

    Since the flashforward scene aired in February and showed Sharon (Letitia Dean) in a wedding dress, fans have been wondering who the long-running character could be marrying.

    Many believe it's too obvious to be Keanu (Danny Walters), who is the father of Sharon's child and someone she's had an on-off relationship with for years.

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    The couple briefly got back together earlier this year, however, Keanu called things off when he realised Sharon helped Lisa Fowler (Lucy Benjamin) escape the country with his daughter, Peggy.

    A number of names have been thrown into the mix, but now fans have questioned whether newcomer Dorian Gates (Luke J I Smith) could be the mystery man. The boxing promoter arrived in early September and suggested a move to Abu Dhabi could set her up for life, before mentioning the possibility of a job opening there.

    Sharing their theories on Reddit, one person wrote: "Could she be marrying that weird boxing bloke?" A second agreed: "I think she’ll marry the boxing guy, he’ll draw her in with some rubbish that they have to be married to move to Dubai together and for them to be business partners etc or she may marry him for the money."

    While a third echoed: "I think there’s a slight possibility she’s going to get together with Dorian…he’s said on two occasions about how great Abu Dhabi is to live. It’s illegal for unmarried couples to live together out there, so I have a hunch she’ll rush into things, plans to move over and marry him. Others have speculated that Sharon could be heading down the aisle with ex Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) after spotting a telling clue.

    One viewer theorised: "This has just come to me…Sharon was at Kat and Phil's reception, but unless Kat is away, angry or upset, then why wouldn't she be there in the Vic at Christmas. Could it be that Sharon is marrying Phil and that's why Kat isn't there?"

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    Responding to this, someone wrote: "I 100% believe this to be the reason. Phil and Sharon and Kat and Alfie getting back together is the most obvious and predictable thing that will happen in the coming months. While a third chimed: "I mean, her and Phil don't necessarily need to be together months in advance in order to get married.

    "It could be a sudden thing where they decide to do it out of the blue, or maybe Sharon is getting married to Keanu but then they split up and she ends up getting married to Phil instead." But many are still certain the man in question is Keanu, who could also end up being the murder victim.

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