EastEnders fans left blushing as Stacey and Kheerat brazenly romp in his office

EASTENDERS fan are in shock as Stacey and Kheerat romped in his office.

The pair, who hadn't even shared a scene together before tonight, shared a heart-to-heart which resulted in the pair getting frisky.

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Kheerat decided to lend a helping hand to Stace after she was brutally assaulted by a mysterious figure last night.

With blood dripping down the side of her face, Stacey was ready to storm into E20 and go after Ruby, who she believed orchestrated the attack.

Kheerat did manage to convince her to treat her wound first and he offered to do so in his office.

The drinks started flowing and the talk got a little bit deeper, as Stacey spoke about her love life.

She said she had "never made a man happy in her life" and always "chose the wrong bloke."

Stacey soon started to get emotional as she remembered when she was married to Bradley, who tragically died after falling from the roof of the Queen Vic in 2010.

Kheerat was gentle with her and listened to everything she had to say, before admitting he loved Chantelle and planned to run away with her before Gray murdered her.

Sporting a cheeky little smile, Stacey called Kheerat a "nice bloke", before telling him to "shut the door" and proceeded to take her top off.

She said: "This is just for now, tonight, tomorrow I won't even say hello to you in the street," to which he simply replied: "good."

Viewers couldn't believe their eyes as the duo romped at Kheerat's place of work.

One wrote: "Aaaaawwww yessss Stacey and Kheerat in Eastenders."

Another added: "Okay I’m actually shipping Kheerat & Stacey!! #EastEnders."

While a third posted: "Love Kheerat. Staceys Guardian Angel."

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