EastEnders fans feel sick as Sharon tells Ian Beale she’s falling in love with him

EASTENDERS fans have been left feeling uneasy after Sharon Beale told her husband Ian she loved him in her latest manipulative move.

The festive special last week revealed it was Sharon (Letitia Dean) who was behind Ian's brutal attack in the Queen Vic – alongside her ex-husband Phil (Steve McFadden).

Monday's episode saw Ian (Adam Woodyatt) recovering from what felt like a stomach bug – not knowing Sharon had tried to poison him with a Christmas pudding.

Speaking to his mum Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth), Ian was encouraged to get an annulment from his wife for being unloving.

After confessing he thought his mum was right, Sharon pretended she was "falling in love" with Ian to get him back on side.

"I don't want an annulment," Sharon tells Ian. "I want to be Mrs Beale, until death do us part."

She continued: "Feelings change. I don't think I knew until I nearly lost you. There's no-one else I'd rather be stuck with."

Despite Ian encouraging her not to say the three little words "unless she meant it", Sharon concluded: "I think I'm falling in love with you too."

Fans were shocked by the twisted admission, and took to Twitter share how "sick" and "uncomfortable" the moment made them feel.

"Sharon pretending to fancy Ian makes me so uncomfortable," wrote one fan, alongside green sick-faced emojis.

Another agreed: "The 'I think i’m falling in love with you'… Absolute lies! Ian is putty in Sharon’s hands!"

"The idea of Sharon having to get it on with Ian made a bit of sick come up in my mouth," wrote a third.

"The scene with Ian and Sharon is making my skin crawl," concluded one woman.

Actress Letitia Dean also opened up about the scene, explaining: "She's become very food at playing the doting wife.

"Sharon realises that if she doesn't do something pretty drastic, all her malicious hard work will be ruined.

"Ian's shown Sharon how he feels and she hasn't manipulated him emotionally throughout their marriage as they both entered it aware of the others feels – or non-existent feelings in Sharon's case.

"She's not pleased about doing it but she knows that telling Ian she's falling for him will absolutely have the desired affect.

"He won't listen to his mum or anyone else and his world will now revolve around Sharon. Perfect!"

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