EastEnders fans ‘expose’ Sonia heartbreak as they twig Reiss wife recovery twist

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    EastEnders fans believe Reiss Colewell's (Jonny Freeman) wife could recover from her stroke which means Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) could be left heartbroken.

    Earlier Reiss left Sonia devastated when he revealed he had a wife and she ordered him out of her life for good.

    But after some persuading, Reiss took Sonia to see Debbie and she was fronted with the devastating truth.

    Arriving at a care home, Sonia learned that an unresponsive Debbie suffered a stroke and now requires around the clock care.

    After explaining why he hadn't told Sonia the truth about his wife, Reiss tearfully begged her for another chance.

    In the emotional scenes, Sonia left the care home and ended things with Reiss, explaining she could no longer trust him following his decision to lie.

    But after a chat with Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold), who is suffering with a terminal brain tumour, Sonia decided to give Reiss another chance.

    During the latest instalment of the BBC soap, Reiss took Sonia to visit Debbie once again, but seemingly left her hurt when he told a nurse that they were just friends.

    Fans have begun theorising that there's a chance Reiss' wife could recover from her stroke and have speculated what this means for Sonia.

    Sharing their thoughts online, one person wrote: "I reckon it’ll end with his wife having a miraculous recovery and him having to choose between the both of them

    "Love will always win. But, what happens if Reiss' wife pulls through and recovers?" added a second viewer.

    Another person tweeted: "Reiss and his wife Debbie gonna patch things up?? But I thought Reiss loved Sonia??"

    Echoing these thoughts, a fourth fan penned: "It didn't matter whether Debbie had a stroke or dementia, but at least there's a chance she could recover from a stroke and then what? He'd go back to her and leave Sonia?"

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