EastEnders episode guide: Lola's final goodbye, Stacey's shock and panic for Kim

Prepare to have your heart broken in EastEnders next week, as Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) continues to deteriorate.

After a collapse, she is given a tragic prognosis in hospital, but it makes Jay (Jamie Borthwick) more determined than ever to live each moment with her while they can.

Sneaking her out of hospital, Jay takes Lola on a trip to the seaside, where they frolic, laugh and share a meaningful heart to heart.

But the day soon gets complicated when the couple are approached by the police, and it seems like Lola has taken a five finger discount with some jewellery for Lexi.

Elsewhere in Walford, there are definite teething problems for Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) as she struggles with the new system at the Queen Vic.

Kim Fox (Tameka Empson) finds herself losing control of her emotions as she suffers a panic attack, and Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) and Martin Fowler (James Bye) are in for a big shock when it emerges that Lily (Lillian Turner) has been bullying a classmate.

Here’s what to expect next week.

Monday May 15

Elaine and Linda deal with the fallout of The Vic break-in, but Linda is upset when Elaine seems unfazed by the ruined picture of Mick.

Elaine is an instant success with the men of Walford as she charms them with free drinks, but Linda gets irritated as her mum starts to change the normal runnings of The Vic.

Elaine is convinced the Panesars are behind the break-in and after a conversation with Eve, who confirms Nish’s untrustworthy character, she sets her sights on taking them down.

Later Eve tries to persuade Elaine to drop her vendetta against the Panesar’s by imploring that Linda doesn’t need the extra stress.

With Eve’s words ringing true, Elaine and Linda have a heart-to-heart about losing Mick and they both vow to support each other. Later, Elaine makes a phone call to a mystery man and shares her hopes that he’ll move into The Vic.

The Slaters money issues spiral out of control as the bailiffs arrive to clear Stacey out of house and home.

Martin tries to offer additional support, but Stacey insists she can deal with it.

Later, Freddie spots a dejected Stacey and quickly comes up with a money spinning idea to get more customers to the bap van.

Freddie is an instant success, but an overjoyed Stacey is quickly distracted by an offer from a Secret Cam.

After a run-in with Elaine, Vinny retreats to the Minute Mart to seek comfort from Suki.

Later at Walford East, Vinny is conflicted as he battles between his parents differing expectations of him. 

Meanwhile, Callum manages to convince Ben to make amends with Lola as he promises to be there for their daughter when Lola is no longer able to.   

Tuesday May 16

Kim organises a leaving karaoke party for Lola at the salon, but with her anxiety mounting, Kim forgets to hire a karaoke machine. After bonding with Ben, Elaine saves the day with her swanky machine.

The events of the day become too much for Lola and she secretly retreats outside. Denise, Honey and Kathy soon realise that Lola is missing and begin to panic when they can’t find her.

As Jay and Billy join the search, Billy finds a confused Lola on the floor outside the gym. Later at home, Lola panics as her speech and mobility is impaired.

Stacey continues to dismiss Martin’s help as she contemplates her latest Secret Cam offer.

Stacey asks Eve to look after the bap van but is later confronted by Eve who returns home to find Stacey dolled up.

Elaine wants rid of Alfie at The Vic and is unimpressed when he turns up late to his shift. Alfie tries to work his charm and suggests a cocktail night by mixing some signature drinks for Kat and Phil to toast a drink to Peggy.

Kat senses Elaine’s hesitation towards Alfie and subtly sticks up for him.

Wednesday May 17

A weak Lola wakes up in hospital with Ben, Jay and Billy at her side and learns the devastating news that her palliative chemotherapy treatment hasn’t worked.

Stacey and Martin are horrified to learn that Lily is bullying a girl at school, but they soon realise that her behaviour was influenced as a result of her own bullying.

Later, Martin takes a struggling Stacey for a picnic in the park where the pair share a heart-to-heart. Martin unknowingly gives Stacey the reassurance she needs.

Kim is still struggling to cope with her anxiety and insists that Pearl needs to go to the hospital after she is sick.

Noticing Kim’s erratic behaviour, Sonia steps in to examine Pearl and later encourages Kim to accept that she needs help.  

Thursday May 18

Jay breaks Lola out of the hospital to enjoy a fun-filled day at the seaside. Lola spots a ruby necklace which she hopes to buy for Lexi as a 16th birthday present. Whilst at the sea front, Lola and Jay share a heart-to-heart.

Lola and Jay prepare to leave but are interrupted by the police officer and the shopkeeper as it transpires that Lola stole the £50 necklace. 

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