EastEnders bosses tease Ruby Allen’s disastrous downfall ahead of Stacey Slater’s return

EASTENDERS bosses have teased Ruby Allen’s disastrous downfall at the hands of Jean Slater ahead of Stacey’s return. 

Ruby – who is played by Louisa Lytton in the BBC One soap – recently confessed to framing Jean’s daughter Stacey for causing her miscarriage and sending her to prison.

Viewers know that Jean has given Ruby an ultimatum – tell Martin about the lies or she will.

Speaking about Ruby’s downfall in upcoming scenes, EastEnders boss Kate Oates told The Sun and other media: “So we’ve got Ruby, who Jean is intent on bringing down and clearing Stacey’s name. 

“Ruby is going to come to a slightly sticky end. That means we’ve also got Stacey’s return, who has a new friend in tow.” 

Soap boss Jon Sen added that there might be light at the end of the tunnel for Stacey in the form of a new romance.

“Obviously Stacey returns from prison, but she’s returning with somebody she’s met inside, in the form of a new character called Eve, played by Heather Peace,” he revealed.

“We’re really excited about her and what that kind of friendship is going to be. Because they come back having shared a prison experience that has united them in a very unique friendship.”

Ruby tells Martin that Jean is dying of cancer to distract him this week – as Jean’s ultimatum looms. 

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Jean told Ruby she had until she returned from visiting her son Sean to tell Martin about her evil lies – or she will. 

But this week when Ruby discovers that Jean is on her way home, Ruby tells Martin they should go away for a while. 

Martin is quick to shut her down, however, insisting that Jean needs them.

Will Jean reveal the truth to Martin?

Speaking about whether Jean would ever forgive Ruby for sending Stacey to prison, actress Gillian Wright, who plays Jean, revealed: “That is a big question! Probably not, no definitely not. 

“The story unfolds in an unusual way, what is nice about it is that Jean doesn’t behave in a way in which the audience would expect."

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