Dramatic soap wedding storylines – from Mitchell sisters death to helicopter crash

In the world of soaps, there's no such thing as a straightforward wedding and if we know the couple are planning to tie the knot, you know there's going to be a dramatic storyline to follow.

Soap weddings provide some of the most memorable episodes with some often being shown across a one hour special or across two days in a crazy storyline which has us hooked every time.

No matter where the wedding is if it's in Walford, Weatherfield or the Yorkshire Dales we are sure to see the big day take a tragic and dramatic turn for the worst.

In true soap-fan style, we thought we’d take a look back at some of the most disastrous weddings in soap history from the time someone shot Phil to a pregnancy scam exposure.

Tragic end to Mitchell sisters

In Eastenders, Ronnie and Jack finally tied the knot on New Year's Day, but it’s no surprise that their wedding was doubly disastrous.

A party for the happy couple which saw Ronnie finally find happiness took a nasty turn due to Roxy’s cocaine addiction.

While Jack was reading the kids a bedtime story, sisters Ronnie and Roxy headed to the pool for a quick dip.

Roxy jumped into the water but never resurfaced, a panicked Ronnie dived in to try and save her drowning sister.

And in a tragic ending, the episode saw both Mitchell sisters die.

Pregnancy scam and water fountain madness

The wedding on Coronation Street took an epic turn when Maria burst into Aidan’s wedding with Eva.

As Maria had been hurt by Aidan she was determined to expose Eva’s fake pregnancy and wreck the wedding.

In true soap style, the saga ended with Eva pushing Maria into a water fountain and jumping in after to finish the job.

None of us will ever forget watching Eva flail about in her sodden wedding dress…

Helicopter crash

Emmerdale’s Debbie Dingle and Pete Barton’s wedding was one to remember for all the wrong reasons.

What was meant to be the most special day for the pair turned into a wedding catastrophe when the helicopter that was meant to fly them away after the ceremony crashed into the village hall.

Debbie, Pete and their guests were forced to flee the explosion.

Wedding reception explosion

There's no escape from the wedding drama even on the other side of the world on Ramsay Street as Sonya and Toadie's wedding took an unexpected turn in Neighbours.

On Toadie’s fourth wedding day, you'd think he'd be in for a bit of good luck after his tragic wedding to Dee – which ended in her death.

But on the day he married Sonya, it took a nasty turn when a gas bottle exploded at the reception.

The explosion after the beautiful ceremony led to the death of two much-loved characters, Rhys and Priya – the tears were rolling for this one.

Horrific rape ordeal

(Trigger warning)

Emmerdale’s Pierce had been manipulating Rhona for ages but their wedding night took a dark turn.

After overhearing Rhona talking to Paddy about their drunken kiss, Pierce was left fuming.

He decided to put on a brave face and made it through the wedding.

Shortly after the reception he whisked Rhona back to their place and revealed plans to move them both to the Lake District.

With the sudden announcement, Rhona wasn't impressed nor happy about the decision – but as Pierce got angrier it became clear she wasn’t going to escape him.

After hurling abuse at her, Pierce pinned Rohona to the floor and raped her.

Shotgun wedding in Walford

The iconic love triangle from Eastenders took a dramatic turn on Phil and Sharon's wedding day when Shirley turned up with a gun.

Turning up at the happy couple's home, Shirley was determined to get her own back after Phil had messed her around.

Shirley revealed the gun Sharon had been keeping hidden and as tensions rose things got messy and Shirley ended up shooting Phil.


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