Dr Hilary Jones says 'it makes sense' to keep uni students on campus over Christ

Dr Hilary Jones has agreed ‘it make sense’ for university students in halls of residence to be kept in isolation on campus over Christmas.

As students head back to universities up and down the country, there are growing concerns that they could be responsible for spreading coronavirus in their hometowns on their return.

Government scientists are advising that students should stay in their uni accommodation over the Christmas break to prevent virus transmissions increasing, with Dr Hilary agreeing that such a move would be wise.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain on Thursday morning, the medical professional told hosts Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard: ‘There’s not a lot of good news is there, certainly university campuses [are] likely to be where transmissions are rife.

‘When those students come home to other parts of the country, it’s like lots of different households mixing together.’

Dr Hilary said ‘it makes sense’ to keep students separate from mixing with those who are ‘more vulnerable’ – which they are likely to do on their return home.

He warned: ‘Boris Johnson himself used the phrase “the invisible enemy” many times this week. We can’t see it and I think that’s why people are a bit complacent and a bit blasé.’

‘It transmits easily and variantly,’ he stressed.

Touching on the topic later on in the show, Susanna, who has a child who has just gone off to uni, insisted she didn’t want such measures to be put in place.

Kate Garraway agreed: ‘I think it puts a huge strain on kids to stay there, they want to get back home.’

His comments come after Dr Hilary revealed that people are ‘six times more likely to die’ if they contract both flu and coronavirus.

As we head into winter and flu season, Dr Hilary stressed that those who are eligible for free flu vaccinations should take advantage of the initiative.

He explained: ‘The age [for free flu vaccinations] is being reduced to 50 this year, which means doubling the numbers that are eligible from 15million to 30million. It’s a really ambitious plan that the government has put into place to protect as many people as possible.

‘What we do know from recent studies is that if you get Covid-19 and season flu at the same time, your risk of dying is six times greater.’

In a bid to keep the spread of the virus under control, government officials have imposed a ‘rule of six’ – restricting social gatherings both indoors and outdoors to just six people – and brought in a new 10pm curfew for pubs, bars and restaurants.

There are currently 410,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus across the UK, while the number of deaths has now reached over 41,800.

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