Dog The Bounty Hunter blames stunt TV proposal on ‘rumors’ and feeling ‘very lonesome’ after wife Beth’s death – The Sun

DUANE “Dog” Chapman is blaming his TV proposal on "rumors" and feeling “very lonesome” after the death of his wife Beth in June 2019.

The Dog The Bounty Hunter star, 67, proposed to on-again, off-again girlfriend Moon Angell on The Dr. Oz Show in February.

When she turned him down because she doesn't have romantic feelings for him, he explained he proposed to prove they are not together.

Dog told ET: "I am very lonesome.”

He explained how he turned to Moon because she “knew Beth.”

Dog continued: "She talked about Beth constantly, 'Remember what Beth used to tell us,' and of course I would light right up when she'd say that. I was infatuated with a dream."

Moon moved out of the home he once shared with Beth after feuding with his daughters Lyssa and Cecily over the relationship.

But he explained how she still works for him and takes care of his finances.

He continued: "I kind of embarrassed her a little bit and I shouldn't have."

"I swear on my mama and on Beth that [the Dr. Oz proposal] was not rehearsed. And you saw Dr. Oz was even like, 'Oh my god.' I knew I was gonna do it way before I done it, and I said, 'This will stop these rumors.'"

When asked if he would date Moon if she wanted a relationship, he responded, “Yes.”

He explained how Moon previously told him: “No one will ever love you like Beth did. You better stop looking for that because there is no woman alive that will ever love you like that.'"

He added: "When you lose a spouse, man or woman, you are looking for that again. So you look for that and for someone to tell you that, it kind of stopped me dead in my tracks.

"I'm like, wow, so she's kind of cold-blooded. She knows how to stop me and that's kind of a direct point."

Dog admitted he was nervous Moon would actually accept his proposal.

The bounty hunter said: “When I said it, I think I was about ready to cry, but I knew that she would say no, and once she said no, that did it. And 98 percent of the rumors went away, the lies went away."

Beth passed away in June 2019 after a battle with throat cancer.

Dog said nearly eight months after the passing: “Oh, I miss her. Eight months, that's the worst part, it seems like yesterday and they say 'time heals all wounds.' No, it doesn’t.

“I am such a macho, macho man. But she was the glue that held my family together. So now I got to redo it and restaple everybody – and we are all kind of brawling right now."

Despite his daughters’ disapproval of his relationship with Moon, Duane isn’t going to stop looking for love.

He admitted that it is “almost time” to start looking for a partner.

Dog said: "I can maybe go out with a girl and eat and date a little, if that's a date? Where, how, do you date today? I've forgotten!"

As The Sun has reported, Dog’s daughter Lyssa slammed them over social media in December for dating so soon after Beth’s death.

She fired: “You’re a disgusting woman. Any person who moves in on a man weeks after losing his wife, who you were supposed to be a ‘friend’ to, is the lowest scum on the planet.”

The Sun exclusively reported the family was “relieved” when Moon moved out of his home.

But the family is “still very detached right now.”

The insider continued: “They are relieved that Moon has gone – but the damage has already been done.

"Right now they aren't really speaking to each other – Dog's relationship with Moon has caused a lot of tension within the family.”

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