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DISNEY+ viewers have all voiced the same complaint about the Ms. Marvel finale after it premiered yesterday.

Ms. Marvel was slated to be one of the best — if not the best — Disney+ show by fans, but the finale failed to live up to their expectations.

Ms. Marvel premiered on June 8, and follows Iman Vellani’s character Kamala Khan, who discovers she has superhero powers. The series focuses on Kamala getting control over her powers, while also uncovering more about her family’s past, and being chased by agents from the Department of Damage Control.

A lot happened in the six-episode series which concluded yesterday. Ever since the finale fans have been voicing their disappointment with the series, saying that the ending felt “rushed” and it didn’t provide a satisfying conclusion. 

One viewer commented: “The finale still suffered from the pacing issues I had with previous episodes when it came to the action elements, but it was still very fun.”

“Overall, Ms. Marvel was good but that finale was rushed as hell,” another said. 

Some viewers have been comparing the series finale and post credit scene to the ending Hawkeye, since it is the most similar Marvel show in terms of characters, tone and stunts. 

In their comparison, Hawkeye has come out on top, with viewers saying it delivered what Ms. Marvel failed to. 


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“I enjoyed Ms. Marvel finale but the Hawkeye finale had a bigger emotional payoff by resolving Clint’s guilt over Natasha’s death and Yelena’s desire for revenge. Also, there was the Kingpin, a dog, Christmas and [the song] I Could Do This All Day. Hawkeye wins this hands down.”

Another fan said they and their family both rank Hawkeye over Ms. Marvel any day of the week. 

Other viewers were more content with Ms. Marvel’s finale, but still said that the series didn’t impress them as much as Hawkeye.

“#MsMarvel was great, loved the finale, glad everyone in the main cast got a chance to shine, easily my second favourite #MCU series after #Hawkeye.” one viewer said, noting that they were also “looking forward” to seeing the Ms. Marvel characters again in the future. 

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Another viewer said: “Just watched the Ms. Marvel finale. Overall, a great series (though Hawkeye is still my fav).” 

However, they noted that their criticism wasn’t specifically about the cast, saying “Iman Vellani is a joy to watch and is someone I would like to see in more stuff.”

Hawkeye, premiered on Disney+ in November 2021 and stars Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop alongside Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton. Kate befriends Clint, much to his annoyance, but after they team up to stop some mafia criminals, he passes the Hawkeye mantle on to her and officially goes into retirement. 

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The superhero series has just received two Emmy nominations, both for the show’s impressive stunt work. 

The next Marvel series to premiere on Disney+ is She-Hulk: Attorney at Law which will debut on August 17.

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