Dan Walker apologises to BBC co-star ahead of brutal Team GB loss ‘Sorry!’

Dan Walker’s cheeky dig to Sam Quek over Olympics hockey defeat

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Former field hockey player Sam Quek was presenting the BBC coverage of the Tokyo Olympics alongside Dan Walker before the duo had to confront a loss from Wednesday morning which the former Olympian found hard to accept. The women’s team lost to the Netherlands in their semi-finals match, and Dan apologised to Sam as coverage on the match was shown.

“I think it’s time, Dan,” the 32-year-old, who participated in the Rio 2016 Olympics, began.

“Sorry, Sam,” the BBC Breakfast host replied to his co-star, who looked dismayed.

Sam continued: “It’s going to hurt, but we’re going to talk hockey now.

“Great Britain’s women faced the Netherlands in the semi finals earlier on this morning.


“It was a repeat of the 2016 final when of course GB won gold in a shootout.”

“Did you?” Dan cut in, before adding: “She doesn’t like to talk about it.”

As he laughed, Sam commented: “No,” before continuing: “Commentary from my fellow ex-teammate, Kate Richardson-Walsh and Matt Chilton.”

Speaking after the match, player Hollie Pearne-Webb said: “I think we’re a bit disappointed, just in our basics – they were a bit off today.”

She added: “We showed in our last game that we can take it to the Dutch, and we could battle with them.

“So we came in with some confidence that if we were all on it we could come out with a result but across the board – it wasn’t individuals, we were just a little bit off it.

“So we’re disappointed, obviously, but we don’t want to leave here without a medal, so we’ve got to get our disappointment out of the way quickly, and get our heads around our next game.”

Back at the studio, Dan commented: “Five years on, not the repeat of the gold medal from Rio but as you said earlier – got to focus on that bronze medal match coming up on Friday.”

“Yes,” Sam agreed. “That’s tough and that’s something as a hockey player you’re used to because it’s the same as Europeans and other competitions.

“But just looking ahead, obviously Team GB will go on to play India or Argentina, we’ll find that out later on.

“I think it could possibly be India – this is their very first Olympic semi finals so there’s a lot of pressure, a lot of the unknown about that feeling of being in a situation like that.

“And Argentina are also just missing that gold medal, they’ve won pretty much everything else.

“So, I think yes, GB will probably take on India but anything can happen, we saw India beat Australia.”

Sam played as a defender for both the England and Great Britain teams and went on to win gold as part of Team GB at the 2016 Olympic games in Rio.

She has presented this year’s games alongside Dan on the BBC each morning, which replaces the usual BBC Breakfast show.

Coverage continues from 6am throughout the day on BBC.

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