Corrie’s Curtis tough health battle confirmed amid bitter Emma breakup

Coronation Street fans have been smitten by Curtis Delamere since his first appearance on the cobbles, the newcomer shrouded in an air of mystery.

However, Corrie spoilers have revealed the waiter, played by Sam Retford, is actually harbouring a secret – and it will end his relationship with Emma Brooker (Alexandra Mardell).

Next week, Curtis and Emma will head to the corner shop to help take Dev Alahan's (Jimmi Harkishin) nude photos for the charity calendar, but a surprise phone call throws him off.

Answering the call, Curtis tells Emma he has a dentist appointment to attend, leaving her alone to finish off the shoot.

Later, Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) is shaken to hear Debbie Webster (Sue Devaney) reveal she saw Curtis getting cosy with a mystery girl in the bistro.

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Trying to protect his daughter, Steve storms off to the bistro, looking for answers, and confronts Curtis in the middle of the restaurant.

Convinced Curtis he has been cheating on Emma, he creates a scene before storming off without getting the full story.

Suddenly, Curtis tells Emma their relationship is over, leaving the heartbroken barmaid – who has been unlucky in love in the past – sobbing in the factory kitchen.

Steve is outraged and tracks down Curtis, who confides in him – he's not actually cheating on Emma, but has a health condition.

After vowing to keep Curtis' secret, Steve is conflicted when he finds Emma crying over the break up, realising he can't offer her any comfort.

When Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) sees Curtis climb into Steve's taxi, she smells a rat and confronts him, demanding he tells her the truth.

Curtis finally tells Emma the secret about his health, leaving her with a decision on her hands – will they get back together?

His stress levels mount when Dev decides he's pulling out of the calendar shoot, convinced it'll ruin his chances of getting accepted as a member at a nearby golf club.

Emma realises Curtis is stressed out and starts to fear the incident will take a toll on his health, his condition potentially deteriorating.

Is Emma right to worry?

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