Corrie star reveals death pain that drives Justin's action against Daisy

Justin (Andrew Still) has been terrorising Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) for weeks now on Coronation Street, since developing an obsession with her following their first meeting in December.

Justin was in the hospital because his mum was ill, when he ran in to Daisy, who was their for an appointment amid her cancer scare.

He later found her on social media, where his obsession only grew. He began to send her flowers and messages, before finally turning up in person, insisting that they were in love.

While his behaviour is unhinged, actor Andrew Still revealed that his actions are driven by the trauma of his mother’s illness.

‘It’s definitely impacting on a lot of his behaviour’, he said of Justin’s mum’s condition.

‘The character traits of stalkers like narcissism, misogyny, obsessive jealousy, he’d maybe be able to keep that under control if he was in a more stable life situation but during this thing with his mum his life’s in flux.

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‘I feel maybe she would be the tether that would bring him back down to earth so he’s losing that and he’s maybe reaching out for another tether and he sees Daisy. He’s built his life around his mum and now he’s trying to do the same thing with Daisy.’

Andrew suggested that Daisy was in the wrong place at the wrong time when she first came into contact with delusional Justin.

‘I think he was reaching out and it just so happened that Daisy was there’, he added.

‘Obviously he’s going to find her attractive, he’s going to reach out for that sort of stuff but I think to him the most important thing, and the thing that really connected him with her is that she really sees him in that moment.

‘It’s the most difficult moment of his life and she sees that pain and cares about what he’s going through. I think he’s quite isolated at this point so that’s something he sees in her. That’s planting that seed and then that seed just kind of grows.

‘As things are deteriorating with his mum it’s easy for him to hide in that fantasy. She’s like the one good thing in this horrible situation. He does see her as an island, something that’s going to protect him from this world bearing down on him.

Reflecting on the connection Justin has with his mum, Andrew explained: ‘He’s in this emotional state, this damaged state, and I think that’s playing into his thought processes and decision making. He’s put his life on hold with his mum. He loves his mum incredibly.

‘There’s a conflict under the surface about putting so much care of her while he’s not taking proper care of himself. I don’t think it’s a conscious thing but the resentment’s there.

‘Another thing about Justin is he latches on to others for a sense of himself and that’s played into how he views Daisy. He sees himself as the carer of his mum and he sees Daisy as a future partner and he’s struggling to see past those definitions that he’s given himself.’

Things with Daisy take a step up after Justin’s mum sadly passes away, and they end up having a confrontation on the street.

‘Justin’s been to the funeral home to make arrangements after his mum has passed away and Daisy sees him and assumes the flowers are for her as they have been. There’s a confrontation on the street and George intervenes.

‘It’s another really super-heightened moment for Justin, his mum’s just died. He’s not happy with Daisy and how she’s treated him. From his perspective he’s been nothing but kind and loving towards her and this is the first time I think where we see some sort of push-back from Justin and see another side to him that’s maybe lingering below the surface, a slightly vindictive side.’

As things develop, how far will Justin go to get what he wants?

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