Corrie Daniel’s revenge ‘confirmed’ as he could ‘snap’ over affair, warns star

Coronation Street’s Daniel Osbourne is set to get his revenge on cheating fiance Daisy Midgeley – and AI reckons it’s going to get messy.

The character, played by Rob Mallard, is currently engaged to Daisy (Charlotte Jordan). However, in recent scenes, she ended up cheating on him with Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott).

Since then, the pair have struggled to keep their hands off each other as they continue to find ways to sneak off together for romps. But in typical soap fashion, as viewers will see next week Daniel discovers the truth.

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At the end of the week, Daniel confides in dad Ken that he suspects something is going on between Ryan and Daisy but he needs proof. Ken advises him to tread carefully, warning him that he could lose everything if it goes wrong.

Daniel later corners Ryan and demands to know what's been going on between the two of them. It's at this point that Ryan admits he is in love with Daisy and has been for months.

Now, it’s been claimed that Daniel could take a “violent approach” when it comes to getting revenge. And actor Rob has even warned his character is no stranger to “snapping.”

Daily Star has quizzed one of the world’s most popular artificially intelligent “creative” tools Bard AI to see how Daniel could react when he finds out about their affair. The program responded: “Daniel's revenge on Daisy and Ryan in Coronation Street has been a topic of much speculation among fans of the show.”

It explained: “Some believe that he will take a violent approach, while others think that he will try to ruin their lives in a more subtle way. One possibility is that Daniel will try to expose the truth about Daisy and Ryan's affair to everyone in Weatherfield.” The program went on: “This would be a devastating blow to both of them, as it would damage their reputations and relationships.”

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Bard AI then noted: “A more violent approach would be for Daniel to physically attack Daisy or Ryan. This could happen if he sees them together or if he finds out about something else that they have done to hurt him.” However, the program claimed it is “more likely” that Daniel will issue his revenge “in a more passive-aggressive way.”

Actor Daniel has also teased the fallout from Daisy and Ryan’s affair. Speaking to Digital Spy, Daniel warned that Ryan should be worried.

He said: “He's pushed an 80-year-old man down the stairs and he's pushed a teenager down the stairs so he doesn't discriminate, if you fall between the ages of 15 and death you could be going down the stairs!

"I think it's definitely in Daniel, we saw it with Justin. The thing with Daniel is he doesn't take aggressive action immediately but then when situations back him into a corner he just snaps. It's usually a last resort, but if Ryan is going after Daisy 100% then he'll have to be an equal and opposite to beat him."

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