Coronation Street theory: Evelyn Plummer discovers identity of long-lost sister

Corrie: Maureen Lipman says her character Evelyn is ‘softening’

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Evelyn (played by Maureen Lipman) has been busy preparing for Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) and Phill’s (Jamie Kenna) wedding this week on Coronation Street, all the while trying to keep up appearances for Mimi Halliday (Margot Leicester). The ITV soap icon did her best to keep her cool but a chaotic series of events saw the pensioners at each other’s throats in the lead-up to the big day. However, a scene featured in Friday’s instalment seems to hint at how the two women could actually be related.

Despite being accused of emailing Phill’s ex-wife pretending to be him and having been banned from the wedding for doing so, Mimi did eventually make it to the ceremony.

It turned out Hope Stape (Isabella Flanagan) had done this to try and prevent her mother from marrying her soon-to-be stepfather.

With the ceremony in full swing, Evelyn and Mimi sat at opposite sides of the room as they watched the couple tie the knot.

However, it seems they were forced to make their own way to the reception together as they walked into the bistro a bit later than everyone else.

As the two women walked through the door, Phill was pleased to see they had arrived although their faces told a different story.

Phill said: “Here they are. You know what, you could be sisters,” dropping the hint the pair could actually be related.

With both of the women scowling at him, he added: “It’s a compliment,” but the pensioners went their separate ways to avoid each other.

“Never let me share a taxi with that woman again,” Mimi told her son but as the reception continued, the two women found themselves in each other’s orbits once more.

In fact, they ended up performing a karaoke song together and seemed to be getting on a lot better than they did at the start of the day.

Despite Fiz and Phill ending their marriage just hours after saying their vows, it seems Evelyn and Mimi could spend a bit more time getting to know each other.

You could be sisters

Phill Whittaker

With their families at war as it seems Fiz will reunite with Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall), the two women could discuss their upbringings.

Mimi could explain to Evelyn she was adopted at birth but stated her birth parents’ names, which would ring a bell with Tyrone’s grandmother.

Telling Mimi her parents were called by the same name, she could insist they do a DNA test to see if they are related.

Much to their surprise, they could in fact learn they are sisters who have spent their whole lives not knowing the other existed.

After being at war with each other for the past couple of weeks, will they decide to build a relationship as sisters?

This could also mean Mimi and Phill are going to stick around in Weatherfield for a bit and could become more regular characters.

Even if Phill were to leave after his disastrous wedding day to Fiz, he could insist his mother sticks around to spend time with Evelyn.

With nowhere to stay, Evelyn would tell Mimi she could come and live with her at Tyrone’s house.

However, they have lived together in the same house before and it hasn’t worked out as well as they had hoped, so will history repeat itself?

The actress who plays Evelyn, Dame Maureen, has spoken about her character and how it felt to be stepping onto the cobbles in 2018.

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Having played the character of Lillian Spencer in 2002, Dame Maureen said of returning to play a different character: “On my first day back, I was incredibly nervous.

“I learned my lines until I knew them by heart but I didn’t know how the rest of the cast would react to me [being on set].

“There’s always that feeling when you join something new that the regulars will be cheesed off that you’ve come.

“They have their jokes, they have their seats, then you arrive seeming a bit aloof because you’re actually more nervous than they know. It was a bit like going back to school.”

Evelyn was also paired with a pet when she first arrived and on acting alongside her character’s dog, Cerberus, the actress said: “He’s such a joy to work with.”

“He leaves the set rather more than we’d like, so I constantly have sausages stuck in my bra,” the soap star continued to explain.

“When I put a cardigan on I haven’t worn for a while, I find myself taking liver out of the pockets.

“I adore dogs and have one of my own. She’s a rather neurotic basenji called Diva, who suffers from separation anxiety.

“When you take her for a walk, she coughs all the way. Right now, everyone thinks she’s got dog coronavirus. She hasn’t, she’s just a bit of an actress.”

But will the character now be joined by her long-lost sister as well?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.

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