Coronation Street theory: Abi Franklin to hijack Toyah’s wedding over Imran betrayal

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Things haven’t been smooth sailing for Toyah (played by Georgia Taylor) and Imran (Charlie De Melo) recently but they are determined to marry and make one more go of their lives together. Toyah surprised her friends and sister Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) when she revealed the impulsive choice to marry her loverat boyfriend, who shares a newborn baby with Abi (Sally Carman). However, official spoilers reveal that Abi is set to do anything to ruin their special day and kidnaps Toyah in a bid to convince her to change her mind.

On the day of their wedding, Abi works out that Imran has hired a dodgy PI, Ben, to get information on her.

Angered at the revelation, she jumps into the driver’s seat of Toyah’s wedding car and drives off with Toyah in the back.

During their ride, Abi tries to persuade Toyah to cancel the wedding and reflects on what a bad person Imran has been over the last few months.

Will Abi plant a seed in Toyah’s head about her marriage to Imran, causing the couple to crumble before they even begin?

Not wanting to listen and sure of her decision, Toyah is finally dropped off at the hotel before Abi speeds away.

As Toyah enters the venue, the wedding ceremony takes place in front of Nick Tilsley (Ben Price), Leanne, Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson) and Adam Barlow (Samuel Roberston).

The wedding party files into the Rovers as celebrations begin for the newlyweds, but Iman becomes distracted and confronts Abi in the street.

He informs her that he feels she is an unfit mother and reveals he will do anything to keep her from getting custody of their son Alfie.

Kelly finds out about what Imran has been up to from Abi and begs him not to fight her, as Alfie will be the one harmed by their battle.

Abi’s lawyer, Elliot, confirms that he will be representing her at the custody hearing after his fees are being paid by a mystery donor.

Dean Turnball (Anthony Crank) approaches, hoping to score some drugs, but Abi quickly bungs him some cash to get rid of him.

However, she is unaware that Ben was taking pictures of their meeting, and he soon shows Imran the pictures he took and suggests he’s willing to lie in court.

Will Imran play dirty and accept Ben’s offer to gain custody of his son?

If Abi reveals to the courts that Imran hired a dodgy PI, will he have lost his son and Toyah for good?

Before Imran’s threats of the custody battle, Abi revealed to the couple that she wanted them to be a part of Alfie’s life.

This came after Toyah was devastated they had lost their chance to adopt foster child Elise, as she cannot have children herself.

However, playing dirty and wanting his son to himself, Imran tells Ben that he needs hard evidence Abi is back on the drugs before the custody hearing.

Another theory from suggests that Toyah could end up betraying Imran and telling Abi what the solicitor plans to do.

Toyah is still reeling from the affair, and after suffering the heartbreak of losing Elsie, it could get too much for her.

She might not be able to cope with being a stepmother to Imran’s son and so sabotage might be her only way out.

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