Coronation Street spoilers: Sally Metcalfe’s stabbing drama in prison as thug Marcia threatens her with a knife

The former mayor of Weatherfield has been terrified that prison thug Marcia will seriously hurt her once Abi Franklin is released. And it looks like her worst fears are about to come true as mean Marcia corners Sally while she’s sat alone in their cell.

Sally – who is played by Sally Dynevor in the ITV soap – is frightened by Marcia’s menacing demeanour but is utterly horrified when she sees a knife glinting in her cellmate hand.

Marcia then makes a lunge for Sally – who is serving four years for theft and money laundering – with the knife. Will Sally’s prison drama end with a tragedy?

Meanwhile, in the outside world, Sally’s husband Tim, daughter Sophie Webster and sister Gina Seddon are frantically trying to find evidence to get her conviction overturned.

Sophie – Brooke Vincent – is stunned when she sees Duncan Radfield’s ‘dead’ wife May at the hospital where Duncan is recovering after being hit by a van.

Realising that May could be the key to getting Sally out of prison – the conman lied to the judge and jury about May having died from a stroke – Sophie pretends to be a neighbour and tells May that Duncan has been moved to a different hospital and offers her a lift.

She sneakily takes a photo and sends it to Tim, saying she’s got May in the car and that she’s their bargaining chip.

Tim then heads to the hospital where he shows Duncan the picture and tells him it’s time he started playing along.

What will Duncan say and will it be enough to save Sally from vicious Marcia?

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