Coronation Street spoilers: Hope Stape puts Dr Ali Neeson’s life in danger after setting the factory on fire

DEMON-child Hope Stape will put the life of Dr Ali Neeson in danger in Coronation Street tonight as she breaks into the factory and sets fire to it.

It all kicks off when mum Fiz Brown and her partner Tyrone Dobbs have a huge row about schooling for Hope.

While they’re at each other’s throats she sneaks away and lets herself into the factory, hiding among some cardboard boxes.

Later, on their way to a charity dinner, Ali and his girlfriend Maria Connor are horrified when they hear Hope’s screams coming from the factory.

Brave Ali barges his way in and is horrified to see Hope among the flames. He manages to grab her and carry her to safety.

But, as all the drama dies down, a shaken Ali – who’s played by newly engaged James Burrows in the ITV soap – tells Maria he’ll see her over at the Rovers in a bit.

He heads home and necks some diazepam which will have viewers questioning if he’s become addicted to prescription drugs again.

Meanwhile, as Hope is questioned by the police over what happened, she tells them that she saw two lads run off, suggesting they were the ones who started the fire.

But as Tyrone realises the little girl is lying through her teeth, he knows their troubles with Hope are far from over.

The Sun Online exclusively revealed last month that demon child Hope would attempt to blow up the factory, just months after the devastating collapse which left Rana Habeeb dead.

The biological daughter of dead serial killer John Stape was taken to Birmingham by mum Fiz after her out of control behaviour escalated and she tried to convince her cousin Joseph to jump from a great height.

She also framed her step-sister Ruby for all her misdeeds – including setting fire to a trampoline.

A source told us: "Any idea that Hope isn't taking after her evil father will be dismissed when she returns to Weatherfield.

"She's going to hide a lighter in her doll's head and go exploring on her own.

"Hope will find herself in the builder's yard which she thinks is the perfect place to cause some mischief.

"Setting fire to some materials, Hope thinks she can make a quick escape but it quickly becomes clear she is trapped with her own furnace.

"And when the fire gets dangerously close to some full gas canisters the entire cobbles is in danger."

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