Coronation Street spoilers: Bertie Osbourne rushed to hospital with measles after being found unconscious

CORONATION Street’s Daniel Osbourne looks set for more heartache as baby Bertie is rushed into hospital with measles after he finds him barely conscious.

The grieving widower – played by actor Rob Mallard in the ITV soap – is quick to blame himself when he admits he never took the child for his vaccinations.

Corrie fans know that Daniel has been on a downward spiral ever since his wife Sinead lost her battle with cancer in October – and died in one of the soap’s most harrowing episodes to date.

But it is clear that Daniel is struggling with the reality of being a single parent to their baby Bertie.

Viewers have also watched him become obsessed with videos that Sinead left for Bertie so that he’d recognise her.

Fans then saw Daniel struggle through the festive period without his wife, isolating himself from friends and family.

However, things were looking up as Daniel paid Sinead an emotional tribute on New Year’s Eve with the rest of his family and it seemed he might finally be making his way out of the darkness.

But in an upcoming episode, Daniel is horrified to discover Bertie barely conscious in his cot and screams at Peter to call an ambulance.

Daniel is quick to blame himself for not realising something was wrong sooner when the paramedic notices a rash on Bertie’s back.

Later, after Bertie is rushed to the hospital, the consultant confirms that he has measles. Daniel is beside himself when he admits to Peter that he didn’t take Bertie for the rest of his vaccinations.

Later, when Beth gets wind of the awful news, she berates Daniel for putting Bertie in danger. Daniel hangs his head in shame as he admits to Ken he couldn’t bear seeing Bertie in pain so never took him for the rest of his vaccinations.

Bethany is quick to jump to Daniel’s defence in the Rovers when she hears Beth bad-mouthing him for neglecting Bertie.

Daniel is on the edge when he’s told the next 24 hours will be critical for Bertie, and screams at his family to leave him alone.

But Bethany sticks around to support Daniel and finds him distraught at his son's bedside.

Daniel bursts into tears and cries on her shoulder as she comforts him.

Is baby Bertie going to make it or is Daniel set for more heartbreak?

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