Coronation Street Paul fate ‘confirmed’ as fans predict Damon murder exit twist

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    Coronation Street fans fear for Paul's future after Damon gave him a threat.

    Viewers of the ITV soap took to social media in their droves as they worried about the character, after he refused to tell those around him that he is suffering from Motor Neurone Disease.

    He wants to make sure his sister Gemma Winter (played by Dolly-Rose Campbell ) has the perfect fairytale wedding, but his money is running out and he has landed himself in hot water.

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    However the situation forced him to ask for more work from Damon (played by Ciaran Griffiths), not thinking about the danger this could cause further down the line.

    Despite previously serving time in prison, he remains undeterred from a life of crime, where he previously asked Niall, another baddie for a job.

    Earlier in the episode Dee-Dee caught him in his attempt to steal a motor vehicle and even threatened to call the police.

    He later cornered Damon in the office of the Bistro and demanded £25,000 or else he would snitch on the mobster.

    Paul insisted he only had 24 hours, after Damon promised him he will get the cash as soon as he can get it.

    However this is not Damon’s first rodeo and he called his contacts in an attempt to try and shut down Paul’s threat.

    Talking mysteriously on the phone he used phrases such as: “We've got to send a message. He needs shutting down."

    Before also implying to his fellow criminals that Paul is out of his depth, which caused viewers to take to Twitter to express their worries about Paul.

    One said: “This paul sl is going to be a hard watch.”

    Another asked: “Is Paul genuinely on a Suicide Mission (not joking) is he hoping to go before he gets really ill?”

    A third noted: “Paul’s going to be shut down.”

    Whilst a fourth commented: ““He needs shutting down” uh oh Paul’s in danger now.”

    And a fifth viewer exclaimed: “Damon is going to find a way to silence Paul. This won't end well.”

    It has already been confirmed that Peter Ash is leaving his role as Paul in the future.

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