Coronation Street, EastEnders and Emmerdale spoilers LIVE – Peter Barlow hits ROCK BOTTOM drinking alcohol to stay alive

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For example, on Coronation Street next week Peter Barlow will be forced to drink alcohol to stay alive and avoid sudden withdrawal. Peter is dying of liver failure and has refused all potential ways to save his life. 

Meanwhile in EastEnders Billy Mitchell will start dealing drugs as Honey and Jay go public. and Emmerdale's Priya Sharma will soften towards cheating Al Chapman as he tries to find the missing money.

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  • Molly Moss


    CORONATION Street’s Peter Barlow is forced to drink alcohol to stay alive and avoid sudden withdrawal next week in Coronation Street. 

    Peter is dying of liver failure in the ITV soap and has refused all potential ways to save his life. 

    Corrie viewers watched Peter violently lash out at his dad in recent scenes when he tried to stop him drinking himself to death.

    The pensioner was left sprawled on the floor with blood pouring from his nose.

    But next week Peter takes a step in the right direction as he finally listens to Ken. 

    Viewers will see Ken catch Peter sweating profusely and on the brink of another seizure. 

    He’s horrified to realise Peter has been tipping his medicinal whisky down the sink and drives home the importance of not cutting alcohol out completely. 

    Peter knocks down the whisky that his dad administers for him.

    Ken discovers Peter has been tipping his medicinal whisky down the sink
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    MICK Carter will investigate Tina Carter’s mysterious disappearance next week in EastEnders.

    Tina was brutally murdered by Gray after she discovered the truth about his wife Chantelle’s death in the BBC One soap – and then framed for Ian Beale’s attack. 

    But everything changes next week as Max drops a huge bombshell at the pub and announces that Sharon was behind Ian's attack – and that Tina is innocent.

    Things soon turn nasty in the pub following Max’s revelation, and Mick begs Linda to get the truth out of Max.

    Later, Linda is stunned as Max explains what he knows about Sharon and Ian.

    Meanwhile, Mick grow increasingly worried for Tina following the drama in the pub. 

    He tells Linda nothing is making sense when it comes to Tina’s disappearance and the text message she sent owning up to the attack. 

    Will Mick do some digging and discover what really happened to Tina?

  • Molly Moss


    EMMERDALE fans had to check they had their glasses on while watching last night's episode when April Windsor made her return to the village.

    The schoolgirl – played by Amelia Flanagan – hasn't been on our screens much over the past year because of Covid-19, and viewers couldn't quite believe their eyes when they saw her.

    The young star has finally managed to get on set and her first episode aired yesterday evening.

    Viewers of the show were stunned at how different April looked, with some joking she'd aged overnight.

    One wrote on Twitter: "Catching up on #Emmerdale wow, April has grown.. good to see her back."

    Another said: "How old is April in #Emmerdale? She's growing up bless her."

    A third chimed in: "Look how much April has grown up!!! #[email protected] crackin little actress since she arrived. @emmerdale."

    Emmerdale viewers were shocked by how grown up April Windsor actress Amelia Flanagan looked
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    KUSH gives Ruby Allen a warning that he won’t be manipulated like Martin is next week in EastEnders.

    Ruby will hatch a plan to get Kush to move out after he destroys her romantic plans with Martin.

    Viewers will see Ruby furious when Kush interrupts her evening in with Martin and bursts in with dinner.

    Later in the week, Dotty asks Ruby for some more shifts and Ruby spots an opportunity, suggesting she gets a lodger. 

    When Dotty looks confused, Ruby tells her she knows someone who could move in straight away – Kush.

    As Ruby returns home, Kush tells her he won’t be manipulated by her like Martin is. 

    But will she listen?

  • Molly Moss


    EMMERDALE fans spotted a glaring timeline blunder in Tuesday night’s episode of the ITV soap. 

    Viewers were quick to notice a mistake in the running order of the episode as Victoria was invited out by Luke – but had already told her pal about the date in scenes which had aired several minutes before.

    Luke spotted Victoria chatting to newcomer Ethan, who had accused him of pretending to be straight in the previous episode, and nervously rushed over. 

    The chef then started overcompensating with his affections towards Vic in front of Ethan, asking her if she’d like to join him for a romantic meal later that evening to show how much he loved her.

    But the scene aired several minutes after Victoria told Amy she was spending the night with Luke, and viewers were quick to pick up on the timeline error.

    One tweeted: “How come Victoria told Amy earlier on in the programme that she was going for dinner with Luke and then later on Luke asks her for dinner as if she didn’t know…slight mix up Emmerdale?? #emmerdale #itv.”

    Another confused fan said: “Why has Luke just asked Vick out for dinner, when Vicks told Amy they were going out earlier or…”

    A third fan tweeted: “Have emmerdale edited that in the wrong order there? #Emmerdale."

    Victoria told pal Amy about her date with Luke before he even suggested it
  • Molly Moss


    RUBY Allen tries to seduce Martin next week in EastEnders following her baby lie. 

    Ruby has faked a pregnancy to keep Martin close after fearing he could be tempted to go back to his ex-wife Stacey. 

    Viewers will see Ruby grow irritated when Martin shows more interest in computer games than her and and try to seduce him. 

    But her plans are derailed when Kush interrupts with dinner. 

    Later in the week, Dotty asks Ruby for some more shifts and Ruby spots an opportunity, suggesting she gets a lodger. 

    When Dotty looks confused, Ruby tells her she has someone ready to move in straight away – Kush.

    Kush ruins Ruby's plan to seduce Martin following her baby lie
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    CORONATION Street’s Todd Grimshaw drives a wedge between Billy and Paul as the vicar blames his boyfriend for Summer’s horror car crash next week.

    Todd will pay fake abuse victim Will to break into Billy and Paul’s flat and smash things up in an attempt to split them up. 

    But his scheme takes a disastrous turn when Summer bumps into Will and flees out onto the street, running into the path of an oncoming car. 

    When Billy discovers that Will was behind the break-in that led to Summer’s injuries, Billy is furious and blames Paul for introducing the youngster into their lives. 

    Corrie boss Ian MacLeod has confirmed that Todd will eventually get his way and split up Billy and Paul.

    He told "Todd never goes with something in a normal way – it’s bags of skullduggery, he kind of enjoys his torturing, he is very selfish when he wants something and that prize in this case is Billy.

    "In an underhand way, he undermines Billy and Paul’s relationship – he will get what he wants but the lengths he goes to will be his undoing.

    He added: "In an explosive and thriller-ish way later in the year, Todd’s deceit will come to light."

    Billy blames Paul for Summer's horror accident
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    EASTENDERS star Zaraah Abrahams has lifted the lid on her family dynamics – and not everything it as it seems.

    Fans of the BBC soap were shocked when evil Lucas Johnson had the guts to return to Walford last month – and even more stunned at the fact his daughter Chelsea seemed to have forgotten that he tried to kill her mum Denise all those years ago.

    Zaraah, 34 – who recently took over the role of Chelsea Fox from actress Tiana Benjamin – has admitted that not everything is as it seems and the former beautician is actually trying to get her own back on her dad.

    Zaraah recently explained: "She decided to use Lucas because she wasn't willing to take the risk herself, she actually wanted to get away from the lifestyle she was living.

    "She doesn't want to end up with her ex-boyfriend or in prison. So using Lucas kills two birds with one stone because they don't necessarily want him out, floating around their lives.

    "At this moment in time, she doesn't really care what happens to Lucas. It's the perfect setup really, where she feels like she wouldn't feel guilty about using her dad in this plan.

    "She's very resentful of everything her dad has put her through and the shame that it's brought onto her as a person, being able to live her own life, and she blames her mum for making those choices."

    Her next plan is to try and get Lucas caught with drugs on him as he tries to travel across the border… but will he fall for it?

  • Molly Moss


    CORONATION Street’s Summer Spellman's life will be left hanging in the balance next week when she’s hit by a car after Todd Grimshaw’s scheming takes a disastrous turn.

    Todd has been using a fake abuse victim called Will to drive Billy and Paul apart in recent weeks. 

    But next week the schemer takes things up a notch, instructing Will to break into Billy and Paul’s flat and smash things up.

    Disaster strikes, however, when Summer bumps into Will and rushes outside onto the street, where she runs into the path of an oncoming car.

    When Paul reluctantly reveals that Will was behind the break-in that caused Summer’s accident, Billy rages at Paul for bringing the teenager into their lives. 

    When Summer returns home from hospital later in the week, she notices that Paul and Billy seem at odds with one another.

    Has Todd finally got his wish and split the pair up?

    Todd is thrilled when Billy blames Paul for the car crash
  • Molly Moss


    BILLY Mitchell starts dealing drugs as Honey and Jay go public next week in EastEnders. 

    Billy – who is played by Perry Fenwick in the BBC One soap – will be devastated this week when his ex-wife Honey admits her feelings for Jay, the man he’s treated as his own son.

    And next week viewers will see Billy continue to sulk as he asks Phil for work. 

    Phil isn’t impressed by Billy’s snide comments and sticks up for Jay.

    Later, Billy lets his anger overcome him and tells the kids about Jay and Honey.

    When Honey suggests to the kids that they have a chat about her and Jay, Billy turns up late.

    Honey reaches the end of her tether and tells Billy to get his things and leave.

    Later in the week, Billy is hurt when Jay buys the kids new trainers and grows determined to get a new job.

    But when his shift doesn't go to plan at the call centre, he asks Vinny about dealing drugs.

    Vinny gives Billy a drugs package but will he go through with it to compete with Jay?

    Billy is furious when Jay buys the kids new trainers
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    PRIYA Sharma softens towards cheating Al Chapman as he tries to find the missing money next week in Emmerdale. 

    Priya and Debbie stole thousands from Kim Tate to frame Al after they discovered he was cheating on them both.

    But next week Priya seems to let down her walls when Al begs her to let him know where the missing money is.

    Will Priya and Debbie's revenge have been for nothing?

    Or will she see that Al is only bothered about the money – and not her?

    Priya softens towards Al as he begs to know where the money is
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    TRACY Barlow is delighted when Debbie puts David Platt’s house up for auction next week – and plans to buy it from under him.

    Debbie tells David she’ll sell his house back to him for the original price in upcoming scenes but he admits he no longer has the money. 

    Viewers will see Debbie take control of Ray’s businesses next week after faking his death. 

    Debbie tells Abi she’s hosting a relaunch party at the bistro – and that it’s women only. 

    She then announces that she’s putting No.8 up for auction the following day, leaving Tracy delighted but David miserable. 

    Will David be able to raise the money in time or will Tracy get her hands on the house?

  • Molly Moss


    EMMERDALE fans are convinced Tracy Metcalfe has amnesia after she appeared to have forgotten that Amy Wyatt killed her dad Frank.

    Back in 2019 Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) and her mum Kerry started a devastating factory fire by accident after stealing charity money to pay off some debt.

    When Tracy put two and two together after seeing Kerry with her dad’s keyring in her pocket, she forced Amy to confess to murdering Frank and pushed her to the ground so hard she was hospitalised. 

    But Tracy seemed to have forgotten all of this last night as she spotted Amy in the village and decided to thank her for her help the other day when she wrongly thought she was going into labour.

    Tracy told her: "Look I just wanted to say thanks for the other day. It was a false alarm obviously. But you really sorted us out."

    Amy replied: "I'm glad I could help."

    As Tracy walked off she said: "Maybe see you around, yeah?"

    Their encounter left many fans scratching their heads.

    One wrote on Twitter: "Tracy has totally forgiven Amy just like that really? What about her poor Dad?"

    A second said: "Is that Amy forgiven then #Emmerdale"

    A third added: "Amy, at least Al never killed Frank you murderer! #emmerdale."

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    JIMMY and Nicola King ban Carl’s mum Juliette from seeing him next week in Emmerdale after she stuns them with a revelation. 

    Jimmy will be horrified when Juliette shows up in Emmerdale village out of the blue in upcoming scenes.

    Juliette’s shock arrival will come five years after she abandoned her son and handed him over to Jimmy, relinquishing all parental responsibility.

    And next week viewers will see Jimmy on edge as he worries Juliette will return – and try and see Carl.

    Nicola suggests meeting up with her to tackle the problem head on. 

    As they go ahead with Nicola’s suggestion, the couple prepare to tell Juliette they don’t want her to see Carl, but they’re stunned by her revelation. 

    Will Jimmy and Nicola ban Juliette from seeing her son forever?

    Juliette Holliday stuns Carl and Nicola with a shock revelation
  • Molly Moss


    DEBBIE Webster takes control of Ray Crosby’s businesses after faking his murder next week in Coronation Street. 

    The businesswoman – who is played by actress Sue Devaney in the ITV soap – told Abi she had killed Ray in self-defence after saving her life from the evil property developer.

    But it soon emerged the businesswoman was lying as she arrived at a bedsit where she was hiding Ray.

    She told him she would get him out of the country, but only if he signed over all his businesses to her.

    Next week viewers will see Debbie invite Abi to a relaunch party at the bistro and tell her it’s women only next week. 

    She then announces that she’s putting No.8 up for auction the following day, leaving Tracy delighted but David worried he’ll never raise the money in time.

    Debbie takes over Ray's businesses after faking his death
  • Molly Moss


    EASTENDERS fans were left feeling very suspicious of Peter Beale during last night's episode when he was confronted about his dad Ian's whereabouts.

    The businessman – played by Adam Woodyatt in the BBC soap – fled Walford on Friday after confronting wife Sharon about her evil plan to kill him with poison.

    But when Ian's mum Kathy confided in her two grandsons about her worry that he's not answered his mobile for two days, the youngster just wasn't fussed.

    The market trader brutally said: "He's never care about us Bobby. So why should we care about him?"

    Peter's harsh words didn't sit right with viewers of the soap and many took to Twitter to share their concern.

    One said: "Peter really doesn’t care about Ian does he #EastEnders."

    Another tweeted: "Peter is an a**hole. Ian cared when your mother kidnapped you and tried to kill your father, d***face. #EastEnders."

    A third added: "Peter doesn’t care that Ian is missing #Eastenders"

    Could Peter be in cahoots with Sharon?
  • Molly Moss


    EASTENDERS fans are convinced Mick Carter will take matters into his own hands and kill his abuser, Katy Lewis.

    Last night’s episode saw Linda Carter reveal to Mick that she’d discovered Katy had other victims – and had children with them.

    Mick stormed around to Frankie's to try and convince her to let him turn her mother into the police, but she begged him not to because it would ruin her life, as well as Katy’s other victim Jed's.

    When Linda recommended Mick "sleep on it" before making a decision, Mick went into a heart wrenching monologue about how Katy "ripped my childhood away".

    "So it's time, L, it's time for her to pay," he declared.

    EastEnders fans believed Mick's ominous warning meant he planned to kill Katy as a way for her to pay for her crimes.

    One Twitter user wrote: "Go Mick. U need to get justice"

    Another added: "Right decision Mick. She must be stopped."

    And a third said: "IT'S TIME FOR HER TO PAY!!! yesss Mick!!!"

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    EMMERDALE fans last night feared for Al's life after Cain Dingle swore deadly revenge on him.

    The threat came after he found out Al had been seeing his daughter Debbie, and had cheated on her.

    Al has been seeing both Debbie and his fiancée Priya Sharma for months – only for the two women to realise what was going on.

    But last night it was Cain's turn to weigh in on the messy situation.

    It all started when he overheard Al boasting to his daughter Debbie about lying to her and cheating on her, with him telling her no one would ever love her.

    Viewers watched as Cain tracked Al down in the dark and threatened him.

    Fans immediately feared for Al's life, with this one tweeting: "Congrats Al for getting on Cain's s*** list.

    While this one said: "Cain on the rampage alert!"

    Another commented: "Yesss you tell him Cain! He's a dead man!'

    It wasn't looking good for Al last night as Cain vowed deadly revenge
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    DEV Alahan is surprised next week when his daughter Asha announces she’s going on a date with Nina Lucas – but soon welcomes her into their home.

    The ITV soap has confirmed a romance plot for Asha and Nina in the coming weeks. 

    And viewers will see the pair will grow closer next week as Asha starts her first trial shift at the cafe. 

    Corey enters and begs her to hear him out, but Asha makes clear he’s dumped. 

    Asha suggests meeting up in Victoria Gardens later and Nina tells her it’s a date. 

    When Dev returns home he spots Asha dressed up and is surprised when she tells him she’s got a date with Nina.

    Dev tells Roy about Nina and Asha’s blossoming romance, and Roy says he should be flattered that Asha felt able to talk to him about it. 

    Later, when Asha invites Nina over for tea, Dev tries his best to make Nina welcome.

  • Molly Moss


    LAUREL Thomas is caught drinking by Nicola King next week in Emmerdale as she tries to drown her sorrows.  

    Laurel has been struggling to cope after she and Jai decided to terminate their pregnancy after receiving confirmation that their baby had Down's Syndrome.

    Next week, viewers will see Laurel tempted by a bottle of vodka in the cupboard as she continues to battle her demons.

    She’s on the verge of pouring it down the sink when an alert from a pregnancy app on her phone touches a nerve – and pushes her to knock the vodka back. 

    Nicola bursts in and is shocked to see what she’s doing, leading Laurel to explain about the termination.

    Nicola calls Jai, but will he be able to help Laurel?

    Nicola catches Laurel knocking back vodka next week
  • Molly Moss


    MANPREET Sharma’s lies destroy her marriage to Rishi as her fake death is exposed next week in Emmerdale. 

    Manpreet – who is played by Rebecca Sarker in the ITV soap – will beg Charles to keep her shock identity secret this week after the vicar addresses her as his dead ex Saira – and announces he thought she was dead. 

    But it looks like Manpreet’s secret will come exploding out next week as Priya and Jay fuss around a heartbroken Rishi.

    Viewers will see a furious Rishi refuse to even look at Manpreet.

    Later, at the Hide, Jai tries to console Rishi, but he insists there’s no way back for him and Manpreet now.

    Will Manpreet have an explanation up her sleeve to win Rishi back?

  • Molly Moss


    GAIL Platt will be left devastated next week in Coronation Street as her dad Ted Page dies in London.

    Gail – who is played by Helen Worth in the ITV soap – will receive a call from Ted’s partner Andrew in London telling her the news.

    Viewers will see a heartbroken Gail break the news to Nick and announce she’s going to London to help out with the funeral arrangements. 

    Corrie viewers will remember that Gail met Ted for the first time when he made a surprise visit to Weatherfield in 2008. 

    The following episodes revealed that Audrey dumped soldier Ted after she discovered she was pregnant with Gail at the age of 18.

    It also came to light that Ted had no idea Audrey was pregnant with his baby when he left after she turned down his proposal. 

    Ted then moved into the family house and gave Gail away when she married Joe McIntyre, before departing from the cobbles in 2010.

  • Molly Moss


    DENISE Fox disappears after a violent confrontation with her serial killer ex Lucas Johnson next week in EastEnders.

    Viewers will see Chelsea go ahead with her revenge plan and lure Lucas away on holiday.

    But when Denise realises it’s Lucas that Chelsea is going off with, she storms over and accuses Lucas of manipulating Chelsea.

    Lucas realises Denise had no idea it’s all Chelsea’s idea and reminds her that he can’t even leave the country, but Chelsea steps in and assures Lucas that the paperwork is sorted.

    Lucas suggests taking Denise instead, but Chelsea refuses and leaves Denise wounded.

    Later, as Chelsea waits by the taxi, Lucas refuses to leave.

    Denise hears the commotion and confronts Lucas, telling him he’s let his daughter down again, leading Lucas to snap. 

    Viewers will later see Chelsea with Jack looking for Denise following her disappearance.

    Vinny interrupts them and says he thinks something has happened at the flat and that he’s seen blood.

    They rush over to the flat but Denise and Lucas are nowhere to be found.

  • Molly Moss


    CORONATION Street fans are in shock after Debbie Webster confessed to murdering Ray Crosby – in order to fake his death and take control of his businesses.

    The businesswoman – who is played by actress Sue Devaney in the ITV soap – told Abi Franklin that she had killed Ray in self-defence after saving her life.

    Debbie claimed Ray had grabbed and kidnapped her – and that he was planning to dump her in the river. 

    She then told Abi that she hit Ray over the head and murdered him, before rolling his body in the river.

    When Abi later visited the police for an update, they told her they had found Ray’s car by the river, seemingly confirming Debbie’s story.

    But it soon emerged Debbie was lying as she visited a bedsit where she was hiding Ray.

    She told him she would get him out of the country – only if he signed over all his businesses to her.

    Evil Ray is still alive and Debbie faked his death
  • Molly Moss


    EASTENDERS fans spotted a blunder last night as Shirley said she’s known about Mick’s abuse hell for months. 

    The truth about the abuse Mick – who is played by Danny Dyer in the BBC One soap – suffered at the hands of Katy Lewis when he was a child finally came exploding out in the new year.

    Discussing Katy last night, Shirley urged Linda to encourage Mick to report Katy to the police and warned her that the paedophile could be lying about only ever abusing Mick. 

    Linda looked surprised, asking Shirley: “No one else has come forward have they?”

    Shirley replied: “Mick only told us a couple of months ago.”

    She added: “The only way we’re going to put this thing to rest is for her to go down and pay for what she’s done.”

    Fans flocked to Twitter to point out Shirley’s mistake.

    One tweeted: “Shirley just sed "Mick only told us a couple of months ago" a couple of months ago?!”

    Another added: “I'm sure it was only a couple of weeks ago! Linda and Shirley didn't know about this till into the new year #EastEnders.”

    EastEnders fans spotted a blunder as Shirley said she's known about Mick's abuse hell for 'a couple of months'

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