Celebs Go Dating’s Lee Ryan ‘catfished’ by date who ‘looks nothing like photo’

Lee Ryan got a massive shock on tonight's Celebs Go Dating when he turned up for his date at a fish bar.

The Blue singer was stunned because his date 'looked nothing like her photo' – and viewers claimed he had been 'catfished'.

Lee was very interested in Adele when he was shown her snap by dating agents Anna Williamson and Paul C Brunson.

But his jaw dropped when he walked into the restaurant – with the singer claiming she was not what he was expecting.

Confused Lee confessed: "Wow, erm Adele, yeah. Yeah wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. She doesn't exactly look like the picture Paul and Anna showed me."

Lee was left scratching his head and things didn't get much better as they got to know each other.

He admitted: "So far not so good. I’ve bought her to a fish restaurant. She doesn’t like fish. I tried to crack a joke. She isn’t laughing."

Adele was nearly sick when she ate an oyster and confessed it was the worst thing she had ever put in her mouth.

Lee's date then revealed she was a massive Blue fan and had his poster up on her wall as a teenager.

While Adele enjoyed their date, Lee claimed it was the worst he had ever been on.

While checking she wasn't behind him, Lee said: "I don’t want to say anything against her. I just feel like no."

Celebs Go Dating viewers took to Twitter to admit they actually agreed with Lee.

One viewer said: "The dates never look like their photos. How many filters do they use??"

"Lee’s right, she *does* look different from her picture," added another.

"Lee Ryan from Blue has been catfished," said a third.

*Celebs Go Dating airs tonight on E4 at 9pm

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