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WITH explosive family drama, culture clashes, awkward moments, and shocking revelations, 90 Day Fiance UK is in full swing but there’s one couple that everyone is talking about.

The series follows eight loved-up Brits and their long-distance lovers for 90 days as they test their relationships to see if they're the real deal.

Richard, signed up to an online European dating site in 2018 and came across Kathleen from the Philipines.

Since then their relationship has had it's ups and downs and they are hoping the show will bring them closer together.

Sunday night's episode saw Preston-based Richard, confess he wanted to bring his girlfriend-of-four-years, Kathleen, over to the UK to "cook and clean" for him, despite him being caught screenshotting pictures of other women.

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Richard who refers to himself as a “boss” said British women were not his cup of tea, and he prefers a “traditional" rather than a "modern" woman.

He shared: “British women are just hard work. They take, take, take, take, take.”

For the past four years, Richard has been in a relationship with Kathleen, 32, who lives in the Philippines.

“I met Kathleen on a dating website which was intended for international daters,” he revealed.

He added: “She’s very, very cute. She’s got quite a large head in comparison to her body, but what a great a**e!”

Despite being head over heels for Kathleen, Richard revealed that she has difficulty keeping up with his work-hard, play-hard lifestyle.

He admitted: “My night out starts in the day, around about 12pm.

"We’ll go pub, pub, pub, pub, pub, club, club, club, strippers, more strippers, kebab shops, taxis, and home!”

Richard also admits to having a flirty personality and unfortunately this doesn’t go down too well with Kathleen, who gets jealous.

“I will flirt, and I am going to flirt, and it’s fun doing so,” he said.

Meanwhile, 7000 miles away in the Philippines, Kathleen lives a very different life from Richard.

Sharing about her life, she said: “I live at home with my mum, dad and my brother.”

She explained: “I also look after our store near our house,”

Kathleen confesses, meeting Richard was never originally part of her life plan.

“We cannot control our feelings; things happen all of a sudden and we fall in love," she said.

"Richard is very handsome to me. I love his eyes. He is very funny and he talks a lot!”

As the eldest child, Kathleen has a variety of responsibilities to oversee in the house.

While Kathleen prepares to leave the Philippines behind, Richard is looking forward to having someone who, in his words, will treat him like a "king".

“When Kathleen comes to the UK, she’s going to treat me like a king,” he said.

Placing a toy crown on his head. “King Richard! It would be my ideal scenario that Kathleen would do everything around the house!”

After explaining his plans for Kathleen's stay to his friends, Richard's dated views on women are challenged.

While grinning and sharing his plans, he said: " “She’s going to cook for me; she’s going to clean for me.”

Going on to explain that Kathleen will do this while working for the health service, Richard’s friend Gavin questions his thinking.

“She’s coming here and going to be working 70, 80 hours a week and you’re not? But she’s going to do the cooking, the cleaning, the housework as well?” a flabbergasted, Gavin asks.

Making matters worse, Richard’s friend Jenny bluntly admits: “I wouldn’t do it.”

Adding: “No, I work 40 hours a week and then I’d have to cook and clean and wipe your backside? No.”

While Richard continues to paint his perfect picture of what life with Kathleen will look like, he does acknowledge the bumps in the road that the couple have faced during their relationship.

“Me and Kathleen have been in a relationship for four years, and we've mostly been together during that time," he added.

He then laughs, and says: "What do I mean by mostly?"

While having coffee with her friend Jen back over in the Philippines, Kathleen admits that her long-distance relationship with Richard has been far from straightforward.

“I caught him talking with other girls,” she says.

Richard admits, he hasn’t always been faithful to Kathleen, and that it led to them breaking up for a while.

“I have a weakness for a good bottom,” he said. “I was screenshotting the most beautiful of women or ladyboys. And yeah, she caught me," he continued.

The pair ended their relationship, after this, but somehow Richard managed to turn things around and get Kathleen back, even though while they were on a break he was dating other women.

But quickly, Richard realized that Kathleen was the one for him. “To be fair, the sex was pretty amazing, but I’m not in it for that,” he admitted.

“You don’t want to marry the dirty girl; you want to marry the good girl, and Kathleen’s the good girl!”

The brand-new series of 90 Day Fiancé UK is available to stream now exclusively on Discovery+, with new episodes dropping every Sunday

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