Bradley Walsh scolded by The Chase contestant after offer regret ‘Don’t rub it in!’

The Chase: Bradley teases contestant for sticking with low prize

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The Chase returned to ITV on Tuesday as four contestants were given the chance to earn a sum of money before being asked whether they’d like to exchange their winnings for a different amount to either strengthen or weaken their chance of making it to the final. However, Bradley Walsh was scolded by one contestant when he questioned the player’s decision.

George was the first contestant to face Anne Hegerty after earning an impressive £8,000 in his cash builder round. 

The Governess offered him the chance to trade in his money for £2,000 or £40,000 but George decided to stick with that he’d earned. 

George sailed into the final by a two-point margin which didn’t go unnoticed by Bradley. 

Charlotte was next up to face Anne but not before her teammates shared their advice on which offer they thought she should go for. 

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Louis remarked: “I think they’re all respectful offers, go for whichever you think.”

“We need your youthful knowledge and you’re very bright so go for the middle,” George added.

Charlotte took their advice but later realised she could have two chances to win £50,000 if she’d been brave enough. 

After she’d beating Anne, Bradley asked: “What was your top offer, George?”

He revealed: “£40,000,” before the host added: “So £90,000 we should be playing for now.”

“We should be Bradley, don’t rub it in,” George hit back.

“We’re £77,000 short,” the host continued. “Charlotte, well played that was a terrific performance.”

Louis went on to join his teammates in the final by taking £1,000 from the prize fund. 

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He earned just £1,000 in his cash builder round before apologising to his team for taking the lower offer.

However, the contestant made it through to the final while the four-player Archie failed to complete the line-up and was defeated by The Governess. 

In the final, George, Charlotte and Louis finished with a total score of 17. 

Despite getting off to a great start, the quizzers struggled in the last 30 seconds of the final and were beaten by Anne with 30 seconds to spare.

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Bradley commented: “At that speed, you needed another eight questions so we were a good four short at least, maybe even five.

“But [it was a] great game, definitely needed a full game, definitely needed Archie there but that’s the way it goes.”

Anne admitted she was “proud” of her winning performance.

The Chase airs on ITV on weekdays at 5pm.

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