Bradley Walsh breaks down as he begs government for U-turn on care home visits: ‘Tragic’

This Morning had invited Bradley Walsh onto the show, after he registered his support to a new campaign which calls for the government to reconsider the rules around coronavirus and care home visits. Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby asked Bradley how and why he had got involved, and as The Chase host explained how a member of the public reached out to him on social media, he broke down in tears. 

The show kicked off the discussion by showing a video they had compiled with Alice Beer meeting and speaking to families which had been affected. 

One lady called Ruth, explained how she was unable to see or care for her son, who was in the later stages of his life and dealing with Huntington’s disease. 

“Let’s speak to Brad,” Holly began. “Your wife Donna alerted you and then us about Ruth and Sam’s story. How did you feel?” 

“As you say, I never realised – it must be an age thing – that you could get messages via Instagram,” Bradley explained. 

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“My wife saw a message and asked if I had seen it and I was devastated and had to get in touch and do something. 

“I have never met Ruth or Sam but it was heartbreaking. 

“Since then, I got on board and totally agree with Liz [Kendall MP] and you Phil; the government got battered [a few months ago when their lack of actions resulted in coronavirus getting into care homes]. 

“But that was then, this is now. 

“In Ruth’s case, she had seven months of daily contact and then none, he [Sam] is in the later states of Huntington’s, it’s so sad,” Bradley added. 

“It’s hard enough to see our parents go, but a child? Something needs to be done…” 

He tried to explain what he thought needed to be done but was too choked up to get his words out. 

Those watching at home heard the television presenter say: “I apologise, it’s so upsetting.” 

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Bradley did however say there needs to be a “blanket decision” by the government and not by local councils. 

“The expense would be enormous but otherwise it’s tragic,” he concluded. 

More to follow… 


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