Boy George blasts Matt Hancock for trying to be a ‘rockstar’

I'm A Celeb: Boy George teases Chris about Matt Hancock

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I’m A Celebrity…. Get Me Out of Here! star Boy George made his opinions on a lot of things known whilst in the Australian jungle. However, it was former Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s arrival which seemed to tip him over the edge. Boy George has since spoken out about his relationship with Matt and claimed “anything he says” cannot be believed.

When it was announced that Matt was entering the jungle, many were disgraced by his decision.

Matt took part in six consecutive Bushtucker Trials which was down to the public vote, many wanting to see him scream or not able to complete them.

However, he shocked everyone when he stormed through every single trial and fed his camp with the maximum amount of food.

Matt made it all the way through to the final and came third, claiming his involvement in the shoe was a “privilege”.

When in the jungle, Matt was quizzed on his decision to take part in the ITV reality show, claiming it was to deliver “important messages to the masses”.

However, pop icon Boy George has brushed off his former campmate’s reasoning and claimed that he wanted to look like the rock star of the camp.

He told The Sun: “He did it because he wants to kick up his heels and have a good time. We all know that politicians are real people.

“We also know everyone wants to be a rock star, everybody. Especially politicians. So it’s impossible to believe some people’s reasons for doing something.

“Ultimately, they are doing it for a bigger profile, a bit more attention, hopefully showing people a different side.

“Matt… he’s a Libra, and Librans love the spotlight. They love the good life. They’ll elbow you out of the way for a seat on the jet. They like luxury.

“So don’t believe anything Matt says about why he did I’m A Celebrity this year. He did it because he wants to kick up his heels and have a good time.”

Boy George went on to reveal that he was left in tears after Matt brought back memories of his mother being hospitalised alone during the coronavirus pandemic.

He also called the former MP a coward in jest after he refused to join a camp mutiny and was left amused when Matt “snarled” at him after a jibe over Margaret Thatcher’s handbags.

The Karma Chameleon singer also claimed that Matt tried to provoke him into giving his views on nuclear arms and transgender issues.

Boy George admitted to Lorraine Kelly that he was taken aback by Matt’s arrival at first and “doesn’t like surprises”.

“It brought back a lot of painful stuff for me. I couldn’t help myself. I didn’t want people watching to think we were all laughing at them, we’re all on this TV show having the time of our life.

“Once I’d said what I said there wasn’t any point picking on him. That’s not my job. I didn’t want him to ruin my experience,” he said after allegations were claimed the singer was bullying Matt.

“He isn’t a dislikable human being. What he did was wrong. My only problem was how he apologised. Don’t use a technicality, it just doesn’t work.”

Since he left the jungle, Matt has released a new book, The Pandemic Diaries, which he claims tells the “truth” surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

It was believed that many of Matt’s former I’m A Celeb campmates did not attend the glitzy event.

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